JOtS and the Dog

Let’s see… I got a sexy new camera for The Christmas… and I LUH HER. I am not a photographer. Nor am I a reader of manuals of electronics. So I mess around. With her… my camera… but not in a “back seat of the car” sort-of way. To be clear. Though, I will confess… there […]

Were we to have coffee today…

I might be carrying around my new BFF. And she takes HD video, so… watch-out YouTube!!! Now, I need to see a man about a shotgun mic… Oh how my heart flutters… Were we sitting across each other at a coffee shop table, I’d blather about the holidays a bit… My parents came and if […]

Dear Summer, Welcome! We’ve been waiting for you!

Hi there Summer. It’s been awhile. We were starting to feel like you had forgotten us. (Can you spot the Space Needle?) We’ve missed your warmth… We’ve missed our walks to get ice cream cones… We’ve missed you, Summer. Won’t you stay for awhile? Pretty please? ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in […]

Here's the deal…

I should probably just go ahead and create a new JOtS newsletter, but not tonight. NO. MAMA TIRED. Which reminds me, have you signed up for my newsletter? I send it monthly. Like a woman’s cycle. Except it’s never been delivered on a monthly basis. Actually my newsletter arrives in one’s inbox with as much […]

No Foolin'!

I have an announcement to make!!! * * * * * * * * * APRIL FOOLS!!! Ha! I got cha! In other happenings… these are the brighter happenings of the last week or so. No foolin’! I did not get any pictures of my puffy eyes from a pretty good cry the other day, […]

More pictures than words, feat. Instagram

I’m kidding. You know me better than that! But here are a bunch of pictures because, well… that’s what I got. *Note: these are all Instagram pics *Note: Instagram is the new Twitter. My reflection in my car window on a windy day. Took this while filling up at a gas station. Some guy thought […]

Photo Apps are Like Crack

Like Crack Cocaine, ya’lls. I suppose now I’ll start getting search traffic for “cocaine”. Oh well. I have been referred to for MUCH worse, so… Photo apps for one’s phone (iPhone) are like crack, except I don’t imagine my addiction to photo apps will leave me homeless, toothless and diseased… butidigress… However, not unlike a […]

Dear Yesterday,

My amends. It would seem that when I woke up… I pulled on a pair of over-sized cranky pants. And wouldn’t cha know they were unbuttonable. *likemyrage* *sigh* I apologize to the online shopping vendor. I totally could have taken the more painful high-road and said nothing about my frustration with not receiving the very […]

What to Wear Wednesday: This is an easy one

Like, DUH… A SPARKLY RED SANTA HAT. MERRRRRRRY CHRISTMAS! —— Added per the request of BrassyMom…because BrassyMom gets what BrassyMom wants *wink* Herefollows the rundown on how this photo got to here: Photo taken on my iPhone 4 Run through the MoreBeaute app on the iPhone Uploaded to Picnik – Picnik is my crack. (I […]

Wordless Wednesday: Last Sign of Summer

It’s the first day of school here. Today, the pictures will be of children with backpacks and bright yellow buses. So long, summer… My friend, you will be missed… ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL or newsletter! Follow JOTS on Twitter, […]