How O’Pinterest brought O’friends together on St. Paddy’s Day

So, the o’night before St. Paddy’s Day, I o’chilled out before bed and did some o’therapeutic pinning. I pinned these rainbow pancakes and o’mentioned in my pin I would be making them in the o’morning… My friend O’Andrea was all, “What time’s breakfast?? We’ll be there!!!” And then I o’thought… O’HMMMM! THAT COULD O’WORK!  Then […]

More about green than about the Irish…

Green has always been my favorite color. Well, aaaaaa favorite color. As a child, I think it was my favorite color because it was my Grandma’s favorite color. Now that I have more of a grip on my own likes and dislikes, I think green is still my first choice in the “favorite color” department. […]

Wine. Because, HELLOOOO… WINE!

Where there are no words… there are pictures. My words seem to be stuck between… uh… two places that have them stuck. So… A few pictures from that one time (a day or two ago) when I popped by a winery in Cali North. *flashing gang sign* All work/travel and no play/visits to wineries would […]

Up, Fruit, a Smile, and a few other things…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. It’s not hard to take at least one picture each day, but it can be hard to take a specific picture. Hitherhencetofore… On March 1, an exhausted Jenny, after a day of traveling and bustling about, with no picture to represent the word UP… found herself on the bed […]

Photo-A-Day: The last 10 of February

Herefollows my versions of @fatmumslim’s photo a day challenge. I was in Nashville 5 of the 10 days shared here. Which means I didn’t always take THE photo on THE day. Hey… just keepin’ it real… Speaking of real, you know what I hate to do? FOLD LAUNDRY. That was a no-brainer, folks. ******** Did […]

Closet, blue, heart, phone, something new, and TIME.

Inside your closet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? On Feb. 12, the inside of my closet was not photo worthy. Plus, also, and moreover closets are dark and not given to nice photography. And to be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to clean my closet in order to take a picture. I mean, I could […]

Bayshore Machine Works: Finding beauty in old stuff

I had never noticed this building before. Though I have been in that area before. Many times. I love old the weathered look of old spaces and places. The depth. Texture. “If these walls could talk…” Of course, living in the PNW… maybe that building is only a few years old. I’m not even kidding. […]

February: Photo a Day

Just takin’ pictures… At ten in the morning… Just out of the shower.. Being the boss of my coffee and wearing deodorant and such. Ah… dinner. Every day. It happens EVERY DAY. So why does it always catch me by surprise? Button. This is one of the most important buttons of my life. I live in […]

Photo a Day Challenge – I’m a joiner!

Last month I saw all kinds of people doing a January photo challenge by fat mum slim. And I wished I had joined in on all the fun. But then February rolled in and… I have a new camera. I would say we are still in the “courting” period of our relationship. A daily photo […]

A Lens-Eye View

I decided to bring my computer and me out of my cold, dark office and join the land of the living… the kitchen table. School was cancelled, but I still had work to do. Seriously. I DID HAVE WORK. I may have Facebooked. And Tweeted. And also spent a few too many minutes on Modcloth. […]