PROOF: I can clean!

I thought it’d be fun if I made a time lapse video of cleaning my office. CLEARLY I HAVE LOST ALL COMPREHENSION OF WHAT IS FUN. #1 – CLEANING IS NOT FUN #2 – WATCHING someone clean is ALSO NOT FUN. But I did capture my progress anyway, because once I get an idea in […]

I am not a bad mom. I am not a bad mom. I am not a bad mom…

Sometimes, despite Mom’s best effort… Like, say… applying sunscreen with an SPF of 70 three times. Every-other-hour. THREE TIMES over the course of 6 hours… One’s sweet, pale-faced little girl still gets sunburned. My poor fair-skinned, Pacific NorthWET baby. Three applications of SPF 70 sunscreen is no match for 6 hours in the sun while water […]

Look of the Week: Uh-Oh

We have had yet another one of *those* weeks. The kind-of week where there is not any ONE particular *thing*, but a series of things that just make life feel a little like it’s got the upper hand. If you are wondering why my sweet daughter’s face has make-up on it, it is because she […]

Bye Bye Birdie: A Memorial

What do you get when you combine one dead bird, a pot holder, a rock, a Nerf gun bullet, a plastic star embellishment from a bike, and 3 seven-year-old girls??? A very touching memorial. With a memorial song. And we have video. Soon, my friends… SOON. And yes, the girls washed their hands. ******** Never […]

She spelled “wine”. She did NOT spill it.

We have this “game” at home. Chunks. It’s a game for emergent readers and whathaveyou. It has beginning sound chunks and ending sound chunks and kids can make words. And on Spring Break, my 7 year old learned how to spell WINE. MOOOOOOOMMMMMY! I spelled WINE!!!!!!! Fast forward one week at school: Lucy’s teacher: Welcome […]

I’m over it. Also, grab some coffee – it’s video day!

So this past week has been a bit of an emotional doozie. So much so, in the wake of it (eeeeearly this morning), I found myself consulting Dr. Google for some “inside voice” issues and if one took medical diagnosis from Dr. Google, one might deduce a certain girl on the spot might have a […]

The Appendix: Not to be confused with the appendix

??? I’ve had a bit of a bothersome belly ache lately. Sciatica? Dislocation due to an overly-motivated workout? Regardless… I’m not feeling right. Off and on. For a few days. Just a nudge of discomfort… enough for me to feel complainery… but not enough for one to feel the need to enlist the help of […]

A Song About Martin Luther King Jr. and A Big Bright Sun

So. I found this new song. Well, new to us. Great Big World by Kari Kimmel I was in the car, taking my girls to school when I played it for them for the first time. Almost before a word was sung, Lucy squealed, “THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE SONG!” The next day we were […]

Could you pick my kid out of a line-up?

It is quite possible you could. I don’t know. Maybe. I seriously doubt you’d be able to pick my 6 year old out of a line-up. Unrelated, I think it’s stupid they only sell floofy, sparkly purple skirts and pink, fuzzy slipper boots in girl sizes. Yeah… totally unrelated. ******** Never miss a thing! Get JOTS […]

Being 6 (and three-quarters)

I don’t remember being 6. I don’t so much need to because I can just watch my girl… Flying… And bouncing… And just plain being toothlessly happy. Bloody nose and all… What makes you happy right now? I am pretty happy I have all my teeth. And to have that happy bug for a daughter… […]