Just Leave Mom Outside the Taylor Swift Concert

Girls love Taylor Swift. Heck, IIIIIII love Taylor Swift. Yeah, yeah… I hear she dates her fair share of fellas… yadda yadda… whatever. I think those folks are just jealous of her talent. And fabulous hair. At least she’s not swinging naked on wrecking balls in music videos. If the last sentence confuses you… just […]

Thank Goodness for Waiting Rooms

My youngest, Lucy, has been in my homeschool system for, oh… 2 months. Give or take a week. We’ve done lots of worksheets. We’ve done lots of reading. We’ve done lots of writing. She’s done lots of pogo-stick-jumping. I’ve done a bit more teeth grinding and rocking in dark corners. She has done all kinds […]

She loves me… even more than GUS.

It’s true. I’ve been gone quite a bit over the last month, so a whole lot of missing is going on. One morning recently, I grabbed Lucy and gave her a BIG, long hug. Mid-embrace Lucy told me, “I Love you, mommy… more than the DOGS.” I pulled back, looked in her eyes and told […]

She’s 8.

8 years ago today, 10 pounds and 5 ounces of joy was birthed into my world. My youngest. My youngest is 8, and when *they* say *it* goes by fast… *they* are not lying. Oh my heck. Lucy means light. I deeply believe that Lucy lives up to her name. She has boundless energy with […]

If I put it on the internet it means I’m committed: I’m homeschooling, yo.

It’s official. I’m homeschooling Lucy. I haven’t mentioned it here because for the last month (+) I was caught in the vortex of a terrible administrative process with my inital homeschool curriculum choice. Though I have mentioned the intent in my personal Facebook space and to IRL friends here and there. It’s not been a […]

Up A Tree…

Mom. Mom. HEY MOM! LOOK AT ME!!! Yep. That’s my Lucy. //-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-//-// Don’t forget to visit Jenny On the Spot on Facebook. It’s just like here, but it’s not. You know, ‘cuz it’s Facebook, so…And Twitter. And YouTube. Definitely YouTube… Stay ON THE SPOT! Don’t miss a sparkly thing! ¬†Get JOTS posts in your inbox!  […]

School would be better if…

It had more meth. She meant MATH. This was Lucy’s homework from a few nights ago. This is funny for TWO (2) reasons: Lucy has never HAD meth. Lucy is not the best at math. But don’t tell her that. She thinks she is and SHE WINS FOR LOVING MATH. I wonder where she inherited […]

A lesson in learning to be fearless… Inspired by my daughter.

Nothing new here today… I poured my heart out over there at the Huffington Post. On the day it went up, if you clicked on the Healthy Living tab, then selected Becoming Fearless… this is what came up: Thats my article on how my daughter is teaching my the art of becoming fearless (that is […]

Our Day in Seattle: The Seattle Great Wheel & The Gum wall

We live pretty close to Seattle. So close, lots of folks commute there for work. Including my husband. But it’s far enough that a family of 5 can’t hop on over unless they want to make at least a half-day of it. So, one might say we made a HALF day of it recently. We […]

The 22 Day Road Trip: The SO Excited BEFORE & Reeeeally Tired AFTER

This was our first family picture… about 5 miles into our 4,500 mile journey to the center of the earth: We are all pretty excited in this picture, here. Lucy especially. You can’t tell the other two are excited because I drive them nuts with my picture taking. I tell them in 20 years they […]