Dare I Tell You I Left My Kid(s) Home Alone?

I guess I just did. I left my older 2 home while I took Young Lucy to a birthday party… to the home of adults I had not met. I had to go. This is what mothers do. We do not drop our kids off at the homes of strangers. Except I did. It had […]


I had to go run an errand. We needed more milk. It was 6:45. At night. And I had pancakes to make for dinner. They don’t call me Jenny On the Spot for nothin’… *dead silence* Aaanywho… The kids stayed home. Dad was home. Don’t judge. Then I came back. With milk. But not fabric […]

Taking a moment…

My “baby”… this kid: Turned 12 today. Punk kid. I need to take a moment. I don’t know which is harder, realizing I am old enough to have a 12 year old or realizing I am old enough to have a 12 year old the fact that my “baby” is not a baby. Punk kid. […]

Choose Your Battles: The one about how I said guns are O.K. Ish.

Alternately titled: The Hill I Chose to NOT Die On: Gun Control Alternatelyly titled: I have a boy, and sticks and stones may break my bones, and other creative uses… Alternativelylyly titled: Give a kid a fish duct tape, a toilet paper tube and freedom to collect sticks in the yard with his buddies, he […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: My Boy

This is my boy. He’s the kid with the black sweatshirt. Have mercy on my soul, my boy… That’s my boy! from Jenny On the Spot on Vimeo. O.K. So, I’m pretty proud too. I love having a boy… He freaks me out, grosses me out and amazes me everyday. Yesterday was his friend’s birthday. […]

Overheard: Surviving the Substitute

There is a certain substitute at my kids’ school that… shall we say… has not found favor in the eyes of my children. {photo cred} On the way home from school today the oldest (11) said, “I don’t think I’ll survive if I have Ms. So-and-So again.” His 8 year old sister offered him comfort, […]

Just Call Me Awesome

Field trips. Good times, no? Last week I got to drive a group of five 5th grade boys to a field trip. Before my son agreed I could chaperon, he had a few rules: I wasn’t allowed to say, “WHAT UP MAH PEEEEEPS?!” as a greeting to my new 5th grade besties. I wasn’t allowed […]

The First Born and Motherhood

The process of motherhood is exactly that – a process. Sure, one pops a baby out of one’s nethers and…. voila! A mommy is born! Well, that’s one way, at least… BUT. Process. My poor son. My first born. He has grown with me as much as I have grown with him. My guinea pig. […]

"It was fun believing."

My 11 year-old son doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. He figured it out about a year ago two years ago… more, probably. I don’t really want to know… *maternal weeping* The same with the Tooth Fairy… Now when he looses a tooth he hands it over and says, “You owe me.” We laaaaaaaauuuuuuugh….. Recently Joel […]

He Is Keeping Inventory

My son keeps inventory of his Halloween candy. Seriously. And how much does this make you want him to be your kid? Ah. Dorable. And if I showed you a picture of my sock drawer, you’d totally see where he gets it from. But I am too lazy to get up and take a picture […]