Brew-Lanthropy Project – A Coffee Makeover and More

Y’all know I love me my coffee. You know what I love even more? Doing good. Even more than that? Doing good with coffee! And it looks like Seattle’s Best Coffee has come up with a good one – the Brew-Lanthropy Project. Do you know of a non-profit whose efforts should be rewarded with a […]

Favorite Things Friday: Here, There and Everywhere!

It’s been a bit busy lately… I recently had someone ask, “So. What’re you up to today?” My mind raced… “Do I say I have 2 posts due, a class to prepare to teach, a video to finish editing… or just mention I’ll be helping out in one of the kids’ classrooms…” I tend to […]

What to Wear Wednesday!

*Real quick! I have a vlogging class up over at Mom Spark Media! Good stuff, if I do say so myself!* Don’t get this confused with a “fashion” post. Or do. I am not the boss of you. These are just things I would totally wear, but do not own. Not to be mistaken as […]

Make We Laugh Monday: I’m Actually Jealous

Why does Barbie get all the cool stuff? Seriously. First a Corvette, then a hot tub party bus, then Ken… and now a glitter hairdryer? I don’t think this is funny at all, actually! It is TOTALLY unfair. She’ll never appreciate the glitter hairdryer like I would. And from what I understand, were we to […]

A Life List On Account of Aging and Whathaveyou.

So. I have this friend… Laurie (a.k.a. Tip Junkie), and we were chatting on the tele the other day. Laurie and I have shared some really good times.. And add Mom Spark into the mix… Whoa Nellie!!! [picture credit: Amy/Mom Spark] Aaanywho… Laurie and I were talking about intentions (we talked about that Amy too!) […]

Make We Laugh Monday – Fun With iPhone Photo Apps!

No really. FUN. Like, DOUBLE RAINBOW fun. So intense… I thought I was bein’ all creative and whatnot with my Alli (yes, MY Alli), MoreBeaute and the Fail Maker app… And then… THIS Jenny… was shown the light. It was a time in which true double rainbows were revealed. And I was left sitting… No. […]

A Post About Cooking or Nate Berkus?

I was going to start a little weekly series today — something like “Foodie Friday” in an effort to… to… Oh, I don’t know. I am just thinking it’s time to write more about cooking. Food. Recipes. And whathaveyou. Honestly, I was inspired to do more with food and cooking by this event. But then […]

Road Trip & Something To Do

I left yesterday for the EVO Conference… Dudes. Wanna see a picture? This is me a few hours from Park City, Utah. My friend Maya and I drove, together… 16 hours… Say it with me — ROAD TRIP!!! This is me on top of our car 🙂 Just bein’ a regular girl on a desolate […]