No Sewing Required: 10 Adorable Holiday DIYs!

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Artsy Craftsy

10 Adorable Holiday DIYs, with no sewing required?


I know there’s not always time to craft during the holidays, but you never know when the mood will strike. So just-in-case, here is a handful of holiday crafts I have made over the years. No of which require sewing. Because sewing makes me a regular Scrooge!

Most of these are pretty easy, depending on your definition of easy. Easy may or may not = fast. But I assure you, you will not need a degree in math to complete any of these projects!

10 Fun Holiday DIYs

1 – Fuzzy Ball Ornaments. Because FUZZY BALL ORNAMENTS!

Fuzzyball Christmas Ornaments via @jennyonthespot

2 – Yarn Wrapped Ornaments. You can never have too many ornaments, right?

Yarn Wrapped Ornaments

3 – Mini Christmas Trees. I can’t get enough of Christmas trees. These are fun because there’s a up-cycle opportunity with these! 

Miniature Christmas Tree Craft via @jennyonthespot

4 – No Water Snow Globes! Create cute little wintery scenes in a mason jar with these snow globes!  

Waterless Snowglobes @jennyonthespot

5 –Tree skirt turned tacky Christmas sweater! Or is that a capelet? In any case… have a tacky Christmas sweater contest to win? This just might be your winning entry! 

6 – JOY Sign! OK, this one take a little more effort… some board trimming and some nailing. And painting, but the end result is so lovely!

7 – Glitter globe. OBVI.

8 – Ribbon Christmas Tree. These are a fun little twist on a Christmas tree. But be careful, there’s hot glue involved 😉

DIY Ribbon Christmas Trees via @jennyonthespot

9 – Peppermint Candy Bowls! This is just the cutest – especially when served with Kisses!

peppermint candy bowl via @jennyonthespot

10 – Glittered bottles. These are great for Christmas decor, but New Year’s Eve, and weddings. or any occasion that warrants a little bling!

DIY Glittered Wine Bottle Tutorial via @jennyonthespot



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