Take It On Tuesday: Make a Craft in a Jar!!! No-Water Snow Globes!

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It’s TUESDAY, and you know what that means???

It’s time to TAKE IT ON! Today I take on a cute craft… a CRAFT IN A MASON JAR…


No water snow globes | waterless snow globes | DIY

My friend sent me a Facebook message with a Take it On Tuesday seasonal idea – SNOW GLOBES.

But the water part made me nervous, so I poked around Pinterest and BAM, I found Tidy Mom’s tutorial for WATERLESS snow globes (here).

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So, the idea is not mine, but I took some creative license (also, I could find NO snowmen), and not being one who assumes any craft is truly do-able… I had to take it on and see for myself (with camera rolling!). AND YOU GUYS IT STINKING WORKED!


No Water Snow Globes via @jennyonthespot
Here’s hows ya get it DID!

So. You need:


No-water snow globe supplies via @jennyonthespot
(Find that Frosty Snow *here.)
I also bought a figurine of 3 carolers that would usually go into a little Christmas village display. I think that was my favorite one. All that to say, be creative! Look around!



Use the Glitter Blast to paint the lid.


Glitter blast for mason jar lids via @jennyonthespot
Um. Be careful. It’s called Glitter BLAST for a reason (you can find it on *here).


Just sayin’.

Use the spray adhesive to give your little trees a little extra bling. Spray your trees and sprinkle with white/iridescenty glitter. Whee!


– When painted lid pieces are dry, glue together.

– Decide on the display you want in the jar. Arrange it – being mindful that the jar is more narrow at the mouth. I didn’t like the bases of my trees, so I cut them off and hot glued wine corks (I cut them to the height I needed)… The corks make for a cute tree trunk… though tough to see with all the snow *wink*.

– Glue the display to the inside of the lid.

– Fill jar with snow (lots jars to choose from *here!)

– When display has had time to set from the glue… turn lid upside down into jar… screw lid (shown in video).

– Turn jar over… and shake snow into place.

– I found pieces of the snow like to stick on the sides. YAY STATIC ELECTRICITY!


no water snow globes via @jennyonthespot


Place globes on a shelf, a mantle, or in a gift bag to give to your favorite holiday hostess, or teacher, or any person you want to tickle with cute creativity!

Merry MAKING!!! And it’s an easy activity to get the kids involved in!

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