DIY: Tree Skirt Turned Tacky Christmas Sweater. Or Capelet.

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Artsy Craftsy | 3 comments

It’s that time of year again – TACKY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY SEASON.

Years before tacky Christmas sweaters were all the rage, I was given a “beautiful Christmas sweater”.

And by beautiful I mean tacky.

I kept if for awhile. On account of guilt.

And then I donated it. I knew some woman is some advance season in life just might actually wear it for the beautiful that I am sure it was made.

Fast forward many years and I WANT MY SWEATER BACK.

The other night my daughter was scrambling to find something that fits the “tacky Christmas sweater” bill.

And in a MacGyver moment (but with fewer paperclips and wads of chewed up gum) it dawned on me… “TREE SKIRT! I HAVE A WOOLY/ITCHY TREE SKIRT! SURELY….”



In one flip of the wrist…

skirt3And turn of the heel…

skirt2SOMEBODY will be wearing not a tacky Christmas sweater but a tacky Christmas CAPELET!


So you can blame me when, next year, the invitations for “TACKY CHRISTMAS CAPELET PARTY!” start rollllllling in!


Well. At the very least, if you are like me and you got rid of that gifted Christmas sweater from the mid 90’s and are left Tacky Christmas sweater-less and there is NO WAY IN SANTA’S SLEIGH you are going to set foot in another store… Simply pull the rug out from under your tree for the evening and throw it over your shoulders…. BAM.



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