Peppermint Candy Bowl DIY

I’ve seen the peppermint candy bowl popping up on the internet.

I decided to give them a try to see if the internet was a BUNCH OF LIES.

It wasn’t…

Peppermint Candy Bowl via @jennyonthespot

When it worked I thought, “I gotta make a video!

Peppemint Candy Bowl DIY:

My bowl took about 29 (?) (math) peppermint starlight candies.

You’ll also need …

  • – AN OVEN (preheated to 300┬░
  • – a bowl with a relatively flat bottom (heh… I wrote BOTTOM)
  • – a cookie sheet
  • – a small silicone baking mat
  • – an oven mit
  • – a timer

Lay the peppermint candies on the mat in your select design. Trey to push them as close together as you can. I could have pushed mine closer in this video, but whatever. You see it ended up working.

(Until my daughter dropped the bowl, but I’m not pointing fingers.)

(OK. I totally just pointed a finger but whatever.)

Depending on your oven… you’ll shoot for about 8 minutes. Mine took about 8.5. I found with my test run, if they cook too long they melt too much and look like ┬ámore like expressionist art.

Nothing agains expressionists. Or art. If you like that – THEN YOU DO THAT.

Let the peppermint candies cool for a minute or so before you carefully lay them over the bowl. Utilize that oven mit so you don’t burn your cute little hands,

And 1,2,3…

Peppermint Candy Bowl via @jennyonthespot


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2 Responses to “Peppermint Candy Bowl DIY”

  1. Squirrels says:

    I want to try this! Have you seen the peppermint and jolly rancher shot glasses?? Do you worry it will get sticky if it gets warmer?

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