A DIY Vlog: How to Make a Ribbon Christmas Tree!

Here ya go, folks… it’s a DIY vlog!

Are you ready? Make your own ribbon Christmas tree!

A DIY ribbon Christmas tree, whaaaat?!! Just in time to deck your halls so you can go ahead and make your own!

DIY Ribbon Christmas Trees via @jennyonthespot
Or in my case – to get severely burned by my glue gun..

One day I was browsing that Pinterest and I saw a lovely mantle-scape featured in a magazine. Turns out  it belonged to my sweet friend Lisa Leonard…)

(You probably wear her jewelry – because it’s AWESOME.) (And OH have you seen her ornaments? I got my kids the My Holly Ornament for our 2013 keepsake ornaments.)


I fell pinky-puffy-heart in LOVE with those trees. And I figured it would be fairly easy… but I did not account for the pain.

I should know better.

Glue guns.

Satan’s gateway tool.

OK. The craft:

You need:

  • Styrofoam cones (or floral foam cones, but those cost more, but they work if you have them on hand and don’t want to make a trip to the store.
  • Glue gun,
  • Pateince
  • Ribbon
  • Patience

And then:

  • Take your ribbon and place it around the cone
  • Fidget and fiddle until it looks right
  • Cut strip of ribbon to desired length
  • Hot glue strip to cone… speed doesn’t win this race – BEING CAREFUL does.
  • Hot glue is HOT
  • Glue graduating strips of ribbon down the length of cone.
  • Hot glue edges under cone.
  • Display creatively
  • Enjoy!

In hindsight, I would use longer strips of ribbon. Make sure you provide yourself plenty of ribbon. Don’t be stingy. Do this so the back seams won’t be so, uh… shall we say… seamy.

Lastly, HAVE FUN and be careful with that glue gun!

*Originally posted Dec. 9, 2011*

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9 Responses to “A DIY Vlog: How to Make a Ribbon Christmas Tree!”

  1. What does your necklace say? I, too fear the ‘hot glue guns of death’, as I affectionately refer to it. These crafts are FABULOUS, though. A job well done, my friend! Love your vlogs, dude! 😉

  2. Andrea says:

    OHHHH! THAT tree is sooo cute! So proud of you!

  3. Andrea says:

    OMG–and I have the same candle holder! (Costco!)

  4. jubilee says:

    Looks good enough to eat. Wait, wrong idiomatic expression . . . sorry about that . . .

  5. Mama Belle says:

    Posted your vlog on how to receive a compliment today. Still making me laugh.


  6. LaTonya says:

    This is really cute… giving me ideas!

  7. meg duerksen says:

    you are a crafty queen.

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