How to Make a Glittered Globe for the Holidays!

The holidays seem to bring out the DIYer in people. And my friends, my little DIYer is alive and well this holiday season! Hitherhencetofore…

How to make a glittered globe!

DIY Glittered Globe via @jennyonthespot
Thank you to Value Village and Savers for sponsoring this post, and giving me added motivation to add pizzazz to my decked halls.

One day, I browsed the aisles of Value Village to fuel my Halloween inspiration. I had so much success I had to go back and browse the aisles of Value Village with the holidays in mind.

By the way, have you seen the DIY Holiday Gift Guide Pinterest board Value Village and I helped curate? It’s packed tight with great DIY gift ideas from across the web!

But here’s my own DIY contribution to the web… instructions on how to make your own glittered globe!

DIY Glittered Globe Supplies List via @jennyonthespot

The first thing I did was cover my globe with newspaper so I could spray paint the base and frame. I didn’t HAVE to because the globe was eventually painted gold and smothered in glitter, but sometimes spray painting can get messy and lumpy and I just felt covering my globe would give me less trouble.

Then I painted my frame.

DIY Glittered Globe via @jennyonthespot

I let the paint dry for 24 hours and then covered the frame in foil.

DIY Glittered Globe via @jennyonthespot

I used foil because the clearance between the frame and globe can be slim. It was a good choice… And then I spray painted the globe with two coats of gold spray paint.

DIY Glittered Globe via @jennyonthespot

If you want to use a different color of glitter, I encourage you to use a base coat of paint of similar color. Covering a surface with glitter can leave gaps. If you have a matching base color, those gaps are nearly invisible.

After the paint dried I took my jar-o-glitter…

DIY Glittered Globe via @jennyonthespot

…and spray adhesive and went to town.

DIY Glittered Globe via @jennyonthespot

I worked in sections… spray adhesive, pour on glitter… spray adhesive, pour on glitter… lather, rinse, repeat.

I used latex gloves during this process and gently pressed on the glitter to get as much contact with the adhesive as possible.

Then I did it again.

Then I looked for bare areas and spot-glittered.

THEN… I covered my glittery goodness with clear acrylic sealer.

Three times.

And just like Dorothy, when she clicked the heels of her ruby slippers 3 times… Or something magical like that…

DIY Glittered Globe via @jennyonthespot

I love her.

Joy to the world indeed…

DIY Glittered Globe via @jennyonthespot

Into chalkboard style-crafts? Check out my CHALKBOARD paint globe here.

Into hand-crafted ornaments featuring yarn and fuzzy balls? Check out that DIY here – with video!

*Originally published December 2013*

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15 Responses to “How to Make a Glittered Globe for the Holidays!”

  1. Stephanie says:

    How fun!! My daughter has wanted a globe for ever, I bet this would be perfect for her!

  2. jennielynn says:

    You and I go way back, so you know how NOT CRAFTY I am. But I caught Pinterest Fever and had a bajillion brightly colored ornaments I bought on 80% off clearance last year so….

    I made an ornament garland. It was touted as an easy project, but it nearly broke my brain. Still, it was worth it.

    Oh my gosh, it is so pretty I get a smile every stinkin’ time I look at it. Which is always, since it is hanging in my dining nook. So pretty. So, so pretty.

    I am seriously digging the glitter globe. And the chalkboard globe. But mostly the glitter globe. Because glitter forever.

  3. Jo says:

    Oh dear, I have to pick a favorite?!?! I fear I cannot… I luff them both!!!

  4. denise says:

    contact me in regards to value village, habitat for humanity etc., I have an idea I want to share with you

  5. Mellissa says:

    Have you heard of melting crayons in your clear globe ornaments? I haven’t tried it myself yet but it’s supposed to be super easy and look fabulous.

    Take crayon scrapings and put them in a clear glass (or plastic) ornament. I think you’d have to stick to complementary colours or you could end up with a bit of a brown gobby mess… next step is to heat up – melt – the crayon wax on the inside of the ornament, and turn it, this way and that, in order to spread the colours around. The best way would be to user your blow dryer… heat a portion of the ornament/wax, then turn, then apply more heat, etc.

    Each one is unique and coloured on the inside, shiny on the outside!

    Merry Christmas and happy thrifting and crafting!

  6. Ranee Martin says:

    Why would you destroy an old globe? Old globes are becoming valuable collectibles and will increase in value with time. There are plenty non-collectible items that you can buy at craft stores and glitter, instead of ruining a piece of history.

  7. jubilee says:

    Ah rats. Wish I had seen this earlier. Went to Gordman’s, saw a slightly chipped globe and wanted it, but didn’t know how to overlook the chip. This would have done it.

    Bravo for the gorgeous craft. Keeping this in mind and not going to let the fact that Christmas is another 11 months away deter me. Thinking that it can be left up all year around. Now — off to the thrift store. And maybe Gordman’s too. 😉

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