DIY Glittered Wine Bottles!!!

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I have a DIY for AWESOME all up in here…


Don’t hate me because my glittered wine bottle is beautiful.

This craft was inspired right after I made my glitter-filled insulated cold cup. I LITERALLY (not figuratively literally, but literally LITERALLY) looked around my house, saw a wine bottle I had been waiting to chalkboard paint and said to my self, “Self.  WHY CHALKBOARD PAINT WHEN WE CAN…. GLITTER!!!” And yes, when I talk to myself, I address us as WE.

Long story.

If you PIN this, you can pin it onto your EASY board. Your RECYCLE board. Your AWESOME board. Your DO-ABLE DIY board. Your GETTIN’ HIGH ON SPRAY ADHESIVE board. And of course your SPARKLY FOOL board.

You can do this one of two ways, the EASY way:

Mod Podge Hard Coat
I gave each bottle a good coat of Mod Podge then used one of my measuring cups to pour over my glitter mixture.

glittered wine and glass bottles

Or if you want to go hard and go long:

Glittered wine bottle supplies via @jennyonthespot //
First… rub the bottle with sand paper. Give it a good scrub. Scratch that bad-boy up reeeeeal good. Give that adhesive somethin’ to hold on to.

Glittered wine bottle: sand the bottle
Lay your sanded bottle on a covered surface.

Tip: because that adhesive is quite THE STUFF, I’d do this in a well-ventilated area… like OUTSIDE.

No worries if it’s cold, this project is FAST. Do your spraying outside, pop your index finger in the bottle, and bring it in to dry when done.

Lay your bottle down and spray with adhesive. Generously sprinkle glitter. Don’t spray it all at once… do it in parts.

glittering the wine bottle for glittered wine bottle via @jennyonthespot //
Turn your bottle (gently) and repeat. Spray adhesive. Generously glitter. Spray adhesive. Generously glitter. Spray adhesive. Generously glitter. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Once you’ve gone all the way around your bottle, look for thin spots, missed spots, or spots that make you crazy. Spray adhesive… add moaaaar glitter.

MOAAAAR GLITTER on the glittered wine bottle via @jennyonthespot //
A spritz of adhesive here… a sprinkle of glitter there…

Glittered Wine Bottle via @jennyonthespot //

Once your bottle is adequately glittered, circle her like a shark would a wounded seal, and give the bottle a fairly generous cover of spray adhesive.

This does not mean glitter won’t come off, but it really helps. Just don’t put the glittered bottle in your pocket, or carry it under your arm, or use it as a goal for flag football… and you should be fine.

Your very own glittered wine bottle, y’all!!!


Go finish off a bottle of wine, break out the spray adhesive, break out the sand paper, and BREAK OUT THE GLITTER.

The party’s at your house tonight!

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Glittered globe via @jennyonthespot //

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DIY Glittered Starbucks cup via @jennyonthespot //

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DIY Glittered Wine Bottle Tutorial via @jennyonthespot //
How to Glitter-fy Glass Bottles - wine bottles, milk bottles, mason jars... DIY by @jennyonthespot
How to Glitter-fy Glass Bottles - wine bottles, milk bottles, mason jars... DIY by @jennyonthespot

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