Our Holiday To-Do List – In Action!

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I have seen several versions of this holiday to-do list floating around the internet. I just love it. I decided to customize the list a touch to fit my own family best.

Holiday To-Do List in chalk via @jennyonthespot

I drew the list it up on a huge chalkboard I hang in my entryway.

I realize I am a lucky mom that my children are not driven mad by temptation to erase the time-consuming chalk creation! Outside of the occasional brush by a puffy coat, my chalkboard designs tend to remain quite intact!

I love the reminder this list gives. There is no real way to avoid the shopping and errand-ing and gathering that must be done not only during the holiday season, but all year long. However, as I keep this list in mind… it serves as a filter as I work through my day.

When I am at running errands I can grab the makings for cookies…

making cookies

Sure, I love the idea of making my own sugar cookie dough, but when weighing time and my desire to be a less stressed mom – sometimes pre-made dough helps actually achieve what we really want to do – be present.

Lucy didn’t care what kind of dough we used. Her words to me, “I love when I have half-days at school mom.” I assumed it was because no kid chooses school over NOT school, but I asked her why and she said, “I get to spend time with you.”

I know. I teared-up too.

decorating cookies

Letting go of 100% homemade, paired with being present = giving AND being present for conversation and making memories.

giving cookies

When shopping for gifts, I can use the list as inspiration. 

Fleece blankets at Walmart

Look at all those soft, snuggly blankets!

wrapped in a hugMy Lucy loves snuggling. She is especially drawn to all things soft. I have learned when we are out and about and Lucy sees something soft, I need to slow down and let her experience it. Come to think of it, that is how I go about all of life with Lucy… she slows me down. In a good way. A very good way.

This holiday to-do list emphasizes not only being present, wrapping someone in a hug, and giving, but it also notes the sentiment of sending love, donating food, being the light…

How might one send love this holiday season?

Sending photos and cards are really great ways to send love to those we love who live too far away to wrap in a hug… Right now, I am loving *Chatbooks. Not only can you make your own books – made SO SIMPLE because you can do it straight from photos on Instagram and Facebook, but you can make cards there too. Check out my post here that explains how I use Chatbooks for making our family albums.

Or how about our awesome delivery folks at UPS, FedEx, and USPS? It’s easy to show them a little appreciation with a good box they can grab snacks from. 

Delivery Person Appreciation Printable Jennyonthespot

You can download the free printable for this Delivery Person Appreciation project here!

How might one be the light?

Perhaps dropping a handwritten note in the mail…

Stationary at Walmart


Stationary... letters to friends and family

Of course, donating food is easy. While you’re already at the store, add a few extra items to your cart and take them to your local food bank… or many stores have food drop-boxes just inside or outside to receive food donations for local food banks.

donating food

How about you? How might you make a list like this come to life in your family and home? I edited the list to fit my own family. What does your own list look like? Share your awesome ideas in the comments!

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