Maybe I should rethink this "vlogging" thing.

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O.K. So. THAT didn’t go EXACTLY as I expected. 

In my defense, when I filmed this I still had not yet had my coffee. Not unlike a druggie without his “fix” for the day (or for the hour, I dunno the kinds of schedules druggies keep. Aaaaanywho…). However, a few lessons can be pulled from this experience. I am a giver, so to spare you the agony of making these same mistakes yourself, here are a few hints before filming footage for your next video/vlog post:

  • Consider background. The trash can is not the ideal background. A tacky-looking, dusty silk plant from your churchs’ foyer is better than a trash can… unless you are making a video of trash cans, of course.
  • Beware: apparently the camera brings out one’s “Valley Girl” accent. What’s up with that?
  • Wear make-up. 
  • Have a cuppa coffee.
  • Fix your hair. For goodness sake, find a flippin’ brush. It ain’t that hard.
  • Wear some glitter, it distracts from real-life flaws. And it’s fun.
  • Use a tripod. For so many reasons, Use. A. Tripod. 
Unrelated to vlogging… here is something else I was not expecting:
According to, there a no synonyms for chocolate! *rubs eyes*
What the…!!! What about words like: heaven, grace, mercy, true love, tranquility, manna, redemption… ??? !!! I was so stunned I had to take a closer look:

*still rubbing eyes* Really? What about: promised land, hope, glory, perfection, world peace & harmony ???


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