Take It On Tuesday: Make a Craft in a Jar!!! No-Water Snow Globes!

It’s TUESDAY, and you know what that means??? It’s time to TAKE IT ON! Today I take on a cute craft… a CRAFT IN A MASON JAR… NO-WATER SNOW GLOBES! My friend sent me a Facebook message with a Take it On Tuesday seasonal idea – SNOW GLOBES. But the water part made me nervous, […]

Take It On Tuesday: How To Make A Jam and Gin

Have you ever heard of a Jam and Gin before? Or Gin and Jam? I hadn’t. But I’m glad I did… because they are pretty good. So without further adieu… How to make a Jam and Gin: How to make a Jam and Gin? It’s super easy, and the ingredient list is short – gin, […]

Take It On Tuesday: Lutefisk Eating Contest. OH YES I DID. #video

Because I am not a mathy person, I am not sure how many years I have had it on my list to join in on the local Lutefisk Eating Contest. At least 3. Maybe 5 years. But also, what kind-of person admits this is something that he/she wants to do. I can’t even know. Do […]

Take It On Tuesday: Homemade Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies

As you well know… The Girl Scout cookies only come around once a year. Which is a blessing AND a curse. I mean – could you imagine if those coveted cookies were available ALL YEAR? The WORST was when I was pregnant and I’d get a GSC (Girl Scout Cookie) craving during the off season. […]

Take It On Tuesday: Watermelon As Phone Charger?

Have you seen that video(s) on YouTube where the guy puts a watermelon on ice, and salt… and eventually gets it to charge his iPhone? A WATERMELON AS PHONE CHARGER, WHAT?! That’s what I asked too. I was not a believer. So I decided to take on the task of seeing if the claim was […]

Take It On Tuesday – Does Lipstick Mask Dark Under Eye Circles, or…

A few weeks ago there was this big hullabaloo (sp?) about using lipstick to help cover dark eye circles. It sounded crazy pants to me… and being the Take It On Tuesday-er that I am, I thought – THIS IS TAKE-ON-ABLE… Can lipstick mask dark under eye circles? CAN IT?! Honestly, I kinda feel like […]

Take It On Tuesday: Water Marble Nail Art

Let me just first disclose: I AM NOT A NAIL POLISH WEARING GIRL. It’s not that I don’t WANT to… Nay. It’s because 1) I paint my own nails like with the acuity of a four year old. 2) My nails reject polish like some people reject organ transplants. Nail polish refuses to stay on […]

Take It On Tuesday: Working With Chalk Paint (or my intention to)

I feel like I keep saying this, but… I recently moved. And what happens when a woman moves her nest? SHE MUST RENEST. Though the new place is smaller than the old place, the old place had A LOT more windows. Which means, I have a lot of blank walls to work with. But I […]

Take It On Tuesday: First Ride With Teen Driver

You read that right. I have a teen driver. Granted, he doesn’t have his license yet, but HE IS DRIVING. I took video of my first ride with my teen driver because 1) I took video of him eating his first birthday cake… hitherhencetofore I took video of our first drive with him behind the […]

Dump Cake, A Simple & DELICIOUS Take It On Tuesday Adventure

It’s TAKE IT ON TUESDAY, and I took on a simple recipe just for YOU! Let’s make DUMP CAKE, friends! My dump cake is delicious and easy and did I mention EASY? I reckon most dump cake recipes are easy, but I’ve only made this one. And Why reinvent the wheel, really? As a kid I […]