Take It On Tuesday: How To Make A Jam and Gin

Have you ever heard of a Jam and Gin before?

Or Gin and Jam?

I hadn’t.

But I’m glad I did… because they are pretty good.

So without further adieu… How to make a Jam and Gin:

How to make a Jam and Gin? It’s super easy, and the ingredient list is short – gin, simple syrup, lemon juice… and of course JAM! You can find the recipe I followed for the Jam and Gin on Nerve here.

Personally, it’s a bit on the sweet side, so when I made my second drink that day (yes… I had TWO, but got to clink glasses with a friend by that point) I reduced the simple syrup by half. I have a pretty tolerant sweet tooth so I could see some less sugar-toothy folks omitting the simple sugar altogether. But remember – that lemon has a bite to it. The simple sugar and jam help tame it a touch…


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