Take It On Tuesday: Lutefisk Eating Contest. OH YES I DID. #video

Because I am not a mathy person, I am not sure how many years I have had it on my list to join in on the local Lutefisk Eating Contest.

At least 3. Maybe 5 years.

But also, what kind-of person admits this is something that he/she wants to do.

I can’t even know.

Do you know what lutefisk is? According to Wikipedia, Lutefisk is dried whitefish (normally cod, but ling is also used) treated with lye.

Lye is something used to make soap.

But it’s kind-of a THING in my Fauxwegian community.


This was what I had to sign in order to be allowed to compete.

Lutefisk Eating Contest release

These were my fierce, yet jovial and bearded competitors…

Poulsbo Lutefisk Eating Contest competitors 2015

This was my view from the stage…

Lutefisk Eating Contest stage and audience

We all started with 1 pound of lutefisk. We had THREE minutes to eat ONE pound (2 half pound bags). This is what was left after my effort. I may have eaten 1/4 pound?

Partially consumed pound of lutefisk at Poulsbo's 2015 Lutefisk Eating Contest

And this is what I drank when all was said and done. On a moored boat. Because that’s just the right thing to do. And also because I guess I know some pretty rad people who share their beers and boats.

beer after said Lutefisk Eating ContestBut I can show snapshots of my experience all I want, but I bet you are thinking, “Great shots Jenny, but I still don’t believe you did it.”


Hitherhencetofore…video evidence of that one time I signed my name on a release document and took on a lutefisk eating contest

Let me just recap… while it looked like eating the lutefisk was awful. It wasn’t as awful as I expected.

It didn’t smell as bad as I expected.

It wasn’t as slimy as I expected.

I actually think we were given a very well-made batch. It wasn’t jello-y… which from what I read, means it wasn’t over-cooked.

The problem was emotional…

#1) Because I expected such heinous things, my mind had a hard time accepting the less-heinous state.


Had I ordered a meal of 1/4 pound of lutefisk, with mashed potatoes or lefse, a beer, and no time constraint that mean I had to swallow large chunks of somewhat smelly fish whole… I may not have spit pieces out of my mouth.

Heck, I gag trying to swallow my vitamin Bs some days.

Would I order lutefisk by choice?

Maybe… it’s definitely and experience. I think it is best enjoyed with a group of friends.

Do I recommend you try lutefisk?


I think trying new things is good for the soul.

Unless it’s bugs or rodents. Ew.

That is why I would never go on a show like Fear Factor.


So… have YOU ever tried lutefisk? Huh?

What is the weirdest culinary exploit you have ever gone on?

Weren’t my cheerleaders the BEST. EVER?!

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4 Responses to “Take It On Tuesday: Lutefisk Eating Contest. OH YES I DID. #video”

  1. Jen says:

    Just when I think I couldn’t love you any more…

    You really are the very best.

  2. jnarowe says:

    Fyi: Poulsbo is not a Fauxwegian community. It is the real deal. Settled by Norwegians for logging and fishing in the 1800’s.

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