7 Reasons to Choose Invisalign® Clear Aligners for Your Teen

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*I have joined the Invisalign© brand Mom’s Panel. My daughter’s treatment has been provided in trade for our honest review. This is our story.

Why choose Invisalign© clear aligners for your teen? Well, let me just tell ya. There are at least seven great reasons why!

  • They work!
  • They’re removable!
  • They’re virtually invisible!
  • No eating restrictions.
  • Fewer emergency office visits.
  • Greater comfort.
  • Affordable.
7 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Clear Aligners for Your Teen

Invisalign Clear aligners for your teen – they work!

They really do! If my Lucy and her treatment is a case study – #success! They are proven to be an effective treatment from simple to complex cases!

They’re removable!

Brush and flossing? NOT A PROBLEM. Remove, brush (and don’t forget to floss!), and put them back in! Don’t forget, for best results, Invisalign aligners should be worn 20-22 hours a day.

They’re virtually invisible!

This is basically the opposite of traditional braces… am I right?! If your kiddo struggles with the idea/look of traditional braces, Mom, Invisalign clear aligners might just do the trick!

No eating restrictions.

Remember a couple of points above? They’re removable! No worries for YOU MOM! And no worries for that teen and trips to the movie theater. Extra butter, please!

Fewer emergency office visits.

Emergency office visits occur almost 80% less frequently with Invisalign clear aligners vs. braces. *see infographic for more information*

Greater comfort.

No tightening. No cranking. Ooh. Ouch.


The cost of Invisalign treatment is comparable to braces, and did you know many insurance plans offer similar coverage. For more information about cost, check out this post: 5 Tips on the Cost of Invisalign Treatment.

Would you like to learn more? Take the smile assessment right here! And you can locate a doctor near you by using this handy-dandy Doctor Finder!

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