Invisalign Treatment: How to Find the Right Orthodontist

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*I have received complementary Invisalign treatment for my daughter, but as always all opinions expressed are my own.

How to Find the Right Orthodontist

A good orthodontist (and office staff) can make ALL the difference when it comes to a teen’s experience with Invisalign… or any oral corrective treatment.

Find the Right Orthodontist: Invisalign

How do you find the right orthodontist for YOUR teen or child?

There are a number of ways one can track down an orthodontist (like, Google or Yelp… those are not my top recommended ways though!). How about finding an orthodontist who offers Invisalign treatment?

The first step in finding an orthodontist is using Invisalign’s handy locating tool – here’s that handy link right here!

But just because an orthodontist has gone through the training, does that meant he or she is a right fit for YOUR teen?

Find the Right Orthodontist: Invisalign

Any orthodontist could be a perfectly good choice, but each doctor and office is so different. Having choices, especially when finding the right kind-of care for your teen is so important. 

The way we found our preferred orthodontist began many years ago when I got braces as an adult. My dentist recommended an orthodontist, who was a highly recommended doctor by friends in our area as well.

I’d had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Johnson and the Johnsonlink staff years ago, I knew exactly where I hoped we could go for Lucy’s Invisalign treatment. 

Find the Right Orthodontist: Invisalign

When our dentist recommended Lucy’s probable need for orthodontia I crossed my fingers that Dr. Johnson offered Invisalign treatment. Lucy was clear that she wanted Invisalign aligners and not traditional braces, so our mission was to find a great orthodontist who could provide that service.

WE LUCKED OUT. I was so thrilled to learn our first-choice orthodontist was an Invisalign provider! 

When looking for an Invisalign orthodontist here are my search recommendations:

  • Your first step is to look up near-by Invisalign doctors using their Find a Doctor tool.
  • Ask your dentist! If you have a trusted dentist, then he/she will likely have a trustworthy recommendation. 
  • Ask friends and family. If you are really brave, you can post in your local community Facebook page. People LOVE to give their opinions there *wink*. I prefer the friends and family route, but I’ve seen folks seek recommendations on community Facebook pages as well. And I’ve recommended our orthodontist’s office in those spaces as well!
  • Visit a few offices! Consultations are free! This is a great time to ask questions and to get to know the “vibe” of the office. The doctor is certainly important when it comes to treatment, but the staff is equally as important. 

A great doctor and an equally great staff can make all the difference. When we have “situations” such as losing aligners, we are always met with positive, up-beat attitudes. As a mom, it can feel stressful when your kid leaves her aligners on a table and the dog chews them up and leaves them on the deck. It is so lovely to talk to someone who can remind you that it really is no big deal and helps resolve the issue with calm and even a little humor too.

You can learn even more by checking out Invisalign on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and on YouTube.

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