5 Tips: Teens with Invisalign Treatment

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*I have received complementary Invisalign treatment for my daughter, but as always all opinions expressed are my own.

5 Tips for Teens with Invisalign Treatment

Let’s face it, any type of orthodontic treatment during any stage of life isn’t super-convenient. 

We chose Invisalign treatment over traditional braces for my daughter for a few reasons:

  1. She wanted them.
  2. I believed that going with her preference would make whichever journey easier on both of us.
  3. Invisalign treatment was found to be a great fit for Lucy.
  4. The potential that this treatment would run for a shorter period that traditional braces was very appealing.
  5. No permanent wire and brackets to clean around on the daily.

In either treatment case, there is the issue of care. Let’s face it, there’s just a bit more involved than one’s own teeth during any form of treatment.

We have learned a lot about Invisalign treatment and the care involved. It’s pretty straightforward. I had traditional braces and I am SO glad Lucy chose Invisalign aligners so we don’t have to fight over the complicated flossing needs… and she has no idea how great it is to NOT have to deal with the pain of poking wires and wax. 

Here are those 5 simply tips for teens with Invisalign treatment:

  1. Create a kit for on-the-go-care. It can be as simply as a sandwich-size baggie… something that can be stored in a purse or that little pocket in a school backpack. 
  2. Personalize their aligners case. Googly eyes anyone?
  3. Put new aligners in at night (This is Lucy’s #1 tip!). New aligners can feel tight and that initial pressure can feel pretty uncomfortable (not unlike new or tightening wires with traditional braces). With Invisalign treatment, that uncomfortable, initial transition can happen in one’s sleep! It’s pretty handy, y’all.
  4. Track progress with My Invisalign App. Yes… THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!
  5. and of course…KEEP SMILING!

5 Tips for Teens with Invisalign Treatment

You can learn more about Invisalign product on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, or visit their website here for a smile assessment! And don’t forget… KEEP SMILING!

Keep smiling with Invisalign

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