7 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Aligners Over Braces for Your Teen

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*I have joined the Invisalign Mom’s Panel. My daughter’s treatment has been provided in trade for our honest review. This is our story.

7 Reasons to Choose Invisalign© Aligners Over Braces

  1. They work! My Lucy has been PLOWING through her treatment like a champ. Her overbite won’t be an issue much longer! I was so surprised to learn Invisalign treatment can even help correct overbites (but also underbites, crossbites, gaps, and more!)7 Reasons Invisalign Clear Aligners over Braces for Your Teen
  2. Removable. This is the BIG reason Lucy wanted Invisalign treatment. It makes eating so much more convenient… for some kids sports could be a consideration as well. Invisalign aligners are removable which affords some flexibility. The only consideration is developing a habit of putting removed aligners in a case (not napkins!).
  3. Virtually invisible! For a kid, tween, or teen who is especially concerned about appearances, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible which can be a confidence booster during corrective treatment… from the look of metal braces to food getting stuck braces when eating.
  4. No eating restrictions, yo! Break out those caramel apples! And from a mom’s perspective – flossing is a MILLION times easier than with braces. When I had braces I hated eating salad because salad pieces were a PAIN to clear out! We don’t want to discourage our kids from eating salad, do we?? With removable Invisalign aligners, your child can eat and not have to spend a lot of time and effort cleaning out trapped food. No Eating Restrictions - Invisalign treatment
  5. Fewer emergency office visits. It’s true. I’ve had kids in both. There have been fewer “crisis” situations because things like poking wires just aren’t an issue. 
  6. Greater comfort. See #5. No need for wax. No tightening or cranking… Lucy went from new tray sets every three weeks, to every two, now she is on the 10-day track. She is so close to being done! She is on track to be done in just over half the time expected. Pretty cool, right?!
  7. Affordable. The cost of Invisalign treatment is comparable to braces, and many insurances plans offer similar coverage.

7 Reasons Invisalign Clear Aligners over Braces for Your Teen

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