Invisalign Treatment: Fact v. Fiction

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*I have received complementary treatment for my daughter, but all opinions expressed are my own.

I had ideas about the Invisalign® system before I knew anything about it.

I made a lot of assumptions without checking the facts, ma’am.

Assumptions are so unfair.

Invisalign Treatment: Fact v. Fiction

I want to share some of my assumptions with you. If you have considered Invisalign treatment and have questions or concerns, or just don’t know what questions to ask… I hope my own experience with Invisalign treatment will be helpful to you. Both my husband AND 13-year-old daughter are both undergoing Invisalign treatment!

Assumption: Invisalign Treatment is crazy expensive.
Reality: Just as no one fingerprint is like another, no orthodontic treatment nor cost is either. Depending on your insurance…. treatment may be covered – just like with traditional braces!

Invisalign Treatment Costs

Assumption: Keeping track of the clear aligners will be impossible for my daughter.
Reality: Sure. Sometimes it’s a challenge, but so is getting lettuce and rice out of metal braces. Or keeping wax at the ready because when those metal braces start tearing at the insides of the mouth… My conclusion: both systems require effort.

Tween using Invisalign Treatment

Assumption: I bet the course of treatment is longer with clear aligners.
Reality: Just as no one fingerprint is like another, no orthodontic treatment is either. It depends on the corrective needs of the individual, and most likely either system will take more time than anyone prefers. Oh but the effort is SO worth it!

Assumption: I can’t imagine something like an aligner system could correct something like an overbite. My daughter won’t be a good candidate.
Reality: FALSE. My daughter is being effectively treated, and she has/had an overbite! I was SO surprised to learn her case is an excellent fit for her treatment. And since my daughter did NOT want metal braces, we both danced a little jug when we learned the news.

Assumption: My kid WILL lose or damage a set or two.
Reality: My daughter dropped one set on the cafeteria floor and they were trampled (never put the aligners in/on a napkin!!!), and the other set… our wonderful dog grabbed from the living room table when no one was in the room and the aligners were left sitting on a napkin on the table. PRO TIP: Just expect you will have to deal with the issue at least once. Just like we’ve had to deal with a popped wire on my son’s metal braces. There are inconvenient issues with either option.

Dogs like Invisalign aligners too ;)

Assumption: It will be a PAIN to deal with replacement if an aligner goes missing or is destroyed.
Reality: Though I haven’t been pleased with my daughter the two times we’ve had an issue, it was no big deal. I called our orthodontist’s office both times and had replacements within a week. PRO TIP: When changing to a new aligner set, don’t throw away the previous set. Hang onto them… just in case. During both incidents Lucy was able to put in her previous set while waiting for the new set. Of course, all treatments are different, but this has worked well for us.

What assumptions have you made about Invisalign treatment?

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