5 Tips About the Cost of Invisalign Treatment

*I have joined the Invisalign Mom’s Panel. My daughter’s treatment has been provided in trade for our honest review. This is our story.

I know. Parents. You might be worried about the cost of Invisalign treatment. I know. I know. I know.

But there ARE options. I am sharing these 5 tips about the cost of Invisalign treatment because I have been there and done that and found this info floating around the internet, from our doctors, and via friends… but it would have been nice to have found these options sorted in all one place. It would have save me a lot of time. And worry. My own worry about cost made it a much bigger deal that it turned out to be.

5 Tips: The Cost of Invisalign Treatment

  • Know your insurance coverage.
  • Use your FSA or HSA benefits.
  • Consider payment plan options.
  • See if you qualify for multiple child/family discounts.
  • Speak to an Invisalign-trained doctor to learn more.
5 Tips About the Cost of Invisalign treatment

Know your insurance coverage.

Your insurance provider may cover a percentage of Invisalign treatment costs. Check with them! We found with our son that our insurance company at the time covered a portion of his treatment until he turned 18. Lucky for us, his treatment wrapped-up without too much crossover. You will definitely want to find out if you are able to take advantage of any insurance benefits you might have.

Use your FSA or HSA benefits.

Did you know you can set aside $2,600 annually in an FSA or $3,400 in an HSA ($6,750 for a family). I have used our HSA funds for orthodontic work.

Consider payment plan options.

Find out if you can spread the cost out over the length of your Invisalign treatment. It may even be possible to pair this option with using your FSA or HSA benefits. This was an option that worked for us, in conjunction with the orthodontic office’s payment plan.

See if you qualify for multiple child/family discounts.

If more than one child is in treatment, ask the doctor (or office staff – the staff in our orthodontist’s office is super knowledgeable and helpful) a few questions. You just might be in for some savings. *nudges arm*

Speak to an Invisalign-trained doctor to learn more.

An Invisalign-trained orthodontist can answer all sorts of questions for you. I wrote a post about finding the right orthodontist for your teen here. Check it out for some tips on finding a great Invisalign-trained doctor!

5 Tops About the Cost of Invisalign Treatment #invisaligntreatment #invisalign

Would you like to learn more? Take the smile assessment right here! And you can locate a doctor near you by using this handy-dandy Doctor Finder!

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