To Be Missed…

I am loved.

I am adored.

I have arrived… for I was missed…

mother and daughterShe missed me…

I was gone ALL last week.

All. It began Monday at 4 a.m when I left my home, bound for Atlanta… I was barely home over Wednesday night (10 hours) before I rearranged my luggage and headed back to the airport for a few days in San Jose… My Saturday return plopped me smack-dab into the kids’ play rehearsal for a few hours, topped with 2 cherries trips to the grocery store before I finally set foot in my home Saturday evening.


7 hours of sleep and I hit the ground running to prepare for my diaper drive that day… AND a VERY important mother-daughter tea party with my 8 year old daughter.

Because one event in a day is never enough.

As I prepared to leave to set-up for the diaper drive Sunday morning, Lucy fell to the floor in near-tears.


I explained she would be leaving in an hour to met up with mommy. I explained I was not going back to the airport.

“OH. *pause, pause, pause* YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!”

That made my day. I think it made hers too… as crazy as it gets around here… as much as I feel I fail and am the worst mom ever… I have this precious little girl who just needs her Mama.

And just this evening, my mostly cool and unconcerned 8 year-old daughter turned to me and said, “I really missed you last week mom.”

I should go away more often.

I’m kidding.


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3 Responses to “To Be Missed…”

  1. AWWWW.
    isn’t that special?
    You are one loved mama…
    and one super busy blogger.

  2. Molly says:

    It’s moments like those were we remind ourselves that we are doing alright. Sure, we have lots on our plates and are trying to keep it all going. But you’re doing it. Well done.

  3. Louise says:

    I felt the same way when my kids ran up to me in the airport. Mommy they both yelled. I felt so loved and missed in that moment. I felt bad for not introducing you to my husband but he seemed quite ready to hand the kids over to me and get out of there. 😉 Hopefully you can meet him this weekend.

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