Things I’m Good At: Stirring, Removing Tags, and Stuff

Either I need to expose my kids to more things, or I need to continue harboring them from certifiable Awesome.

Things I’m Good At: Stirring, Removing Tags, and Stuff

I think I am going try to keep them from society as much as possible because, right now… they think I am THE BOMB! I love this about me them.

For example, I was cutting a tag off a scarf. My Olivia (7) ooozed: Mom. You are SO creative!!!

Me: Why?

Olivia: Because you do things like cut off tags and stuff.

Joel (10): Yeah. You ARE creative, mom.

Me: Oh, and remember, you have also said I am really good at stirring. 

My girls are so envious of my stirring skills.

Olivia: Yeah. You are REALLY good at stirring.

I decided to let the kids have some of their own ego-build-time. I’m a giver. I asked, “How are you guys creative? I mean I know how you are creative, but in what ways do you think YOU are creative?”

Olivia (7): I can knit. You can’t knit. I can teach you!

Joel (10): Video games and technology. I helped my teacher with the computer yesterday. She wanted to put words on a picture… but it didn’t work.

Lucy (4): I am good at Lego building! I can build stairs and houses and people…

Dang it. I hate competition. I figure I won’t teach them how to stir. Then I will at least have something.


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9 Responses to “Things I’m Good At: Stirring, Removing Tags, and Stuff”

  1. Kearsie says:

    Everyday I come pick up my kids at their afterschool program and my oldest daughter is playing with Legos. One day, she had built the entire Sponge Bob cast. All.of.them. One day she made a wheelchair for this disabled Legoman. She’s made about 4,871 rocket ships complete with bathrooms. She rocks at playing with Legos.

    While my oldest daughter is explaining her latest masterpiece, my youngest daughter is beating the pants off of everyone else playing Uno. I’m thinking of taking her to Vegas.

  2. Dumblond says:

    I’m very glad to hear that your kids have grasped the obvious. And don’t worry, they will out-awesome you one day. Keep the booze and tissue handy when that day comes.

  3. You hang onto your competitive edge girlfriend! It will carry you through your next marathon!

  4. Michelle W. says:

    I love that you can stir! Will you teach me?

  5. Chris says:

    This is so sweet. Just another way you have awesome skillz- good mothering!

  6. patois says:

    Everyone is special in their own way. (But only give ’em forks, just to be safe.)

  7. Daisy says:

    Stirring and cutting off tags – maybe I could learn that. I don’t know if my kids would be so impressed, though: they’re 18 and 23!

  8. […] Oh, and one little fella was particularly impressed with my cutting skills. I was helping cut the top off a pumpkin and he was all “You are really good at cutting.” I was all, “Thanks.” And he was all, “NO. You are really good at that.” And I was all, “You think I’m good at this? You should see me stir.” […]

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