The Monday Minute: LIVE Crafting Fun with Gerbera Daisies!

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This was a first for me… LIVE CRAFTING!

We had some fun with gerbera daisies. At least I did!

I first shared this craft on my blog a number of years ago here: DIY Daisy Pots.

This is such a fun, pretty easy, and fairly inexpensive craft that is HIGHLY giftable, I wanted to share it with y’all in a different way. You can find the full list of supplies in that post – and the original video.

The original video doesn’t show the struggle behind some of the technique. 

Not that there’s a huge struggle, but when one works with dirt and scissors, and sometimes dainty flower stems… carefully edited video doesn’t always show eeeeeeverything.

And that is why outtakes are so fun, I guess. In Monday’s Facebook Live we walked through the crafting journey together. The wins and the struggle. In the end it alllll came together nicely.

Before we get to the video, want to see the the behind-the-scenes action? This is what my video shoot scenario looks like on the other side of the camera:

Monday Minute behind the scenes

Why the pillows and the blankets?


My dining room has no soft surface so there is quite the noise bounce. I want to get a carpet for under the table (at least) but until then… blankets, pillows and poufs (and my robe since it was within arms reach) it is!

OK, Without further delay… here’s the LIVE on Facebook. If you would like to join in and/or keep up on the latest, visit my page here and like it and stuff! Don’t miss another Monday Minute!

Looking for flower tubes so you flowers stay alive for maximum life? These are the ones I use: flower tubes (affiliate link).

What do you think? Any questions? Woo hoo! 

Peace & Sparkles,


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