Spring Gifting: DIY Daisy Pots!

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Hey friends!

I have been wanting to share this little DIY with you for quite some time…


It’s pretty easy, guys! Just watch!
This little craft doesn’t take a lot of skill. Nor time… The largest chunk of time will be spent gathering supplies.

DIY Daisy Pots via @jennyonthespot
Because this is something I have been doing for years, the only thing I needed to run and grab were daisies and wheatgrass (which I can get in the produce section of one of my local grocery stores).

My girls are in theatre, so they receive lots of flowers come show-time. I make it a point to steal the water tubes that usually accompany those flowers. But you can get them at any florist shop. Or Amazon. *These are what I used  but I think *these with the pokey-end would be a bit easier to work with. That wheatgrass is tougher to penetrate that it looks.

I usually only use daisies, but this time I played around with my creativity and added a couple other kinds of single-stem flowers. I add *floral wire to the neck of the daisy, and wrap it down the stem a little (I usually use half a wire) to help give the daisy head a bit more strength. If you keep that daisy watered… it should last awhile. I have found the neck gives up before the life of the daisy does, so the wire is essential for lasting goodness!

DIY Daisy Pots via @jennyonthespot
I was pleased with my little creative experiment. However, it took a bit more elbow grease to make 3 holes instead of just one. But a little extra elbow grease never hurt anyone.

That I am aware of.

DIY Daisy Pots via @jennyonthespot
And then, if you’d like… you can add a bow. I don’t know about you, but being the occasional crafter that I am… and being a mother of 2 girls – I tend to have more than my fair share of ribbon laying around. I like the whimsey a little ribbon adds.

DIY Daisy Pots via @jennyonthespot
So… DIY DAISY POTS… whaddya think?!!! Do you think you’d love finding one of these on your front steps?!

DIY Daisy Pots via @jennyonthespot

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