The First Day of School

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Add this post to the millions being posted out there on the blogosphere this month. And this picture…

first day of school

The first day of school. Mercy on a mother’s soul.

We hit a big marker this year. My youngest headed into kindergarten. My son is at the top of the grades… “big man on campus”. And my hard-to-read middle daughter is plopped comfortably in the middle – looking forward to being a big buddy, instead of having a big buddy. Also, she is excited to be on her little sister’s side of the school so she can walk her to her classroom from the bus each morning.

How my kids have come to be so precious is beyond me. It is through the grace of God and not any of my doing. They are kids through and through.

Oh they drive me crazy.

Oh I am out of my mind in love with my babies.


Lucy. I could NOT get a normal picture of her. Were it possible, my little girl would have crawled out of her own skin in all her excitement to start school. Out of her little mind. I love watching her. I learn so much.

talk to the hand

Olivia. So cool. Gosh Mom. Talk to the hand… She barely let me walk her to class, but being the manipulative mom that I am, I got my way. I know she really loves it…

And Joel. No additional picture of this boy. We said our goodbyes at the front doors of the school. He was off. So it begins. *grips chest*

And in the end I didn’t cry. Not for me. Lucy headed into the class like the big girl she now is. We kissed, and I left. I stood in the hall a bit, and did end up crying a bit. But becuase I saw other mommies crying. Mommies sending off their firsts. I’d been there and my heart ached for them.

I had to hold back my happy dance.

Then I headed out the door to a back to school mimosa party. Because, THAT, my friends… is how it’s done. I can’t take credit for that idea, I just take credit for having friends who have great ideas.

Did you send kids off? Do you have memories of one of your first days? Do you like mimosas?


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