The Confessional – Punctuation, Emoticons #andsuch

by | Sep 25, 2010 | Blog, General, The Confessional | 8 comments

I admit it. Bring out the tar and feathers.

I am an abuser of punctuation and emoticons 🙂 and run-on sentences aswellasrunonwords andwhathaveyou. Not just in blog posts but in email, tweets, and The Almighty Facebook status update.

And the multi-purpose use of the hashtag, made known to me by The Twitter has #rockedmycategoricalworld.


I can’t help it. I talk with my hands and golly-dog-gone it… punctuation and emoticons are my hands and cheesy grin acting out in type.

🙂 😉 😛

*insert cheesy grin here*

Oh. And my beloved *asterisk*

Take, for example, a picture like this:


Which is the better caption?

Hi buckaroos. — OR — HEY all ya’lls!!! WHASSSSSUP COW PEOPLE???!!!



Clearly I have made. My. Point.




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