The Confessional: IN a Spot

by | Oct 15, 2010 | Blog, The Confessional | 8 comments

confessionalIt’s a little funny.

Me + Here = Jenny On the Spot

It’s cute.

So clever… *insert credit to the huz here*

But, but…

Am I really ON the spot?


I told someone the other day, “Ya know… I’m actually kind-of like a stew… I’m better the next day.”

I’m like strong tea – I need time to steep.

… or like leftover chili or baked potato soup…

Like a sunburn 4 days later… but the kind that doesn’t peel.

I’m a tan!

Dangerous but worth it.


Time + circumstance = best case scenario for Jenny On this Spot.

And also a dictionary. And rest.

Blogging serves me well. I don’t actually have to be ON the spot… *bows to editing tools and time and*


Now. I do get PUT on the spot, “Hey Jenny. I’m gonna put you on the spot, but you are Jenny On the Spot, so…”

Yeah. How cute is that? Can you give me a day or three and I’ll come up with something witty. Something zany. Something fun.

But I need some time.

Like butter. Butter doesn’t just come out of the cow.

Speaking of animals…

How about this dead horse I’m beating.

You know what happens when one beats an egg?

Oft times an omelet comes of it.

And omelets are nommy.

As is coffee.

And babies are cute.

And need diapers… and I got to be a part of a real video production… and here is the finished product: finished product.


It’s been quite a week.

Hitherhencetofore this post of nonsense. And I wonder if you have read all the way to here.

Or here.

Or here.

If you did make it to here… why did you stay?

Was it akin to watching a train wreck?

Do you brush your teeth twice a day?

Do you floss?


*aaaaand scene*

*This post has been brought to you by utter exhaustion and mad free-association skillz.


That’s my new favorite word — indeed

Do you have a favorite word?

Do you spell favorite like that or like this: favourite?

Just wondering.


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