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It is finally summer for us.


The kids have been out of school for ::checks calendar:: one week and 2 days.

I had to check the calendar because I guess since I can’t remember what I did 2 hours ago, I am not going to remember a week ago.

So what does all this mean?


School was out on a Thursday and by Friday morning, Lucy woke me up by putting her face close to mine and excitedly shared, ‘I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!”

After that, I was kinda feeling the same way.

Later that day, Lucy (she’s nine, BTW) had a friend over. We had leftover silly string (we woke up the kids on the last day of school by spraying them with silly string, except they were so excited it was the last day of school they were already awake and up so we just sprayed them where we found them)…

I think that last paragraph was a run-on fragment.

I was telling you about the leftover silly string. Lucy asked if she and her friend could use the rest of the silly string, and I gave her clear, limited permission. “IN THE BACKYARD. NO WHERE ELSE.”

So imagine my surprise when my husband came home and he found a bunch of silly string floating in the pool.

“I thought I told you ONLY the backyard!”

“We did! And THEN we picked it up…… and put it in the pool.”

Meanwhile, today is my son’s birthday.

He’s 15, taller than me, and has muscles and stuff.

Last night Lucy said, “Joel you are REALLY strong. And you have BIG muscles.”

She’s like her dad… she is very good at complimenting and building others up.

My son starts driver’s ed today too. So I assume that is going to provide a lot of stories. Probably mostly of me having heart attacks and such. He also got a punching bag for his birthday. I am thinking I am going to benefit from that gift as well.


I’m going to start a sugar detox in 2 days. I’m doing it because I am not right in the head. But bacon is on the table with this plan, so if you see me munching on a strip of bacon over the next two weeks as I pass you while driving the children everywhere all summer, you’ll know why.

Today I tested using coconut oil and coconut sugar (the only sugar I can have because there some scientific reason) in my coffee. That was my biggest fear. No cream in my coffee. I could use coconut milk. But I hate coconut milk in my coffee. I have to say – the coconut oil and sugar was good! Not like half-and-half but good!

I have also been incorporating The Plan into my life. Some say diet – I say life… so between the upcoming detox (I shouldn’t tell you I am doing that because WHAT IF I FAIL?!!!) and my new life according to The Plan, I am becoming one of THOSE people, “So. Can I get goat cheese instead of blue cheese? And can I get balsamic vinegar instead of the dressing… and…” I have been known to carry seeds in my purse and order a cup of rice milk at a cafe in the airport to add to my home-toasted flax seed granola.

What’s next, sandals and socks?


Kevin and Gus keep doing their dog thing. Kevin killed a bunny not too long ago. Lucy was playing outside at the time and he brought it to her. She thought that was a gross thing to do. Then he buried it. Then he unburied it. Then Lucy came into the house because, “Bunnies are my favorite animals.”

“I thought DOGS were your favorite animal…”

“Nope. Bunnies are my favorite now.”

I think that’s a good ending.


And family. Excited to create some stories with these guys this summer…


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