S’more Classroom Valentines, Please. (Free Valentine Printable!)

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So. Valentine’s Day.

It’ll be here before we know it. 

S’more Classroom Valentines!

S'more Classroom Valentines, Please. (Free Valentine Printable!) via @jennyonthespot

Definitely there are some fun boxed options out there just waiting at the store for you to quickly grab. But if you are looking for something a little different… something that feels a little more handmade… I have something for you!

(You’re welcome!)

S'mores Classroom Valentines #valentine #classrromvalentine #freeprintable

For a couple of years, the girls handed out these Lip and Mustache Valentines to classmates.  An aside: Go here for a Valentine whiskey drink, and here for a Valentine champagne drink, and here for a Valentine doily garland, and here for a Despicable Me throwback for Valentines Day… But I digress…

I had planned to lips and mustaches again, but Lucy asked a couple of weeks before the class party if she could give marshmallows… because Lucy loves marshmallows and I was all, “How about something with s’mores?” And Lucy was all, “YEAH THAT!!!!” And then my mind was all, “Oh how clever can we be with the word s’more?!!!”

  • I love you s’more.
  • I need s’more friends like you.
  • You’re s’more awesome than homework.
  • You make class s’more fun.

And the list goes on… But less is s’more (heh) and these are what went to school:

S'more Classroom Valentines, Please. (Free Valentine Printable!) via @jennyonthespotI need S’MORE friends like you!

Heh. Get it?!

And here’s the other one…

S'more Classroom Valentines, Please. (Free Valentine Printable!) via @jennyonthespotYou make class S’MORE fun!

Now, before you go and think I am amazing and have somehow raised the parenting bar when it comes to making time and skipping the dollar store tear-away cards…


I have spent my fair share of years (my oldest is 14) buying the tear-away cards. Now that my older two are in middle school, I have one child taking Valentines to class (did you just hear angels sing? (I totally just heard angels).

Oh, and that one child has 12 classmates.

If I had 3 kids with 25-30 classmates each – NO.

At that level, even tear-away cards make me want to cry.


So, to keep life and amazing in perspective, we made 12 s’more Valentines.

13 counting teacher.


I mean. Who is really the winner here?

This was one of my easiest school Valentine years EVER.

Plus… to be honest, doing little crafty things is fun for me and especially Lucy.

And it’s especially fun when you don’t have to make/guide your children in making NINETY CARDS.

I want you to feel the love, so I am making these available for free to you! Simply click on the photo or text link, download… and print!



Free download link to “You make class s’more fun!” here!
Free download link for “I need s’more friends like you!”here!

The how-to is simple and most of the jobs of assembling can be handed over to the kid(s):

-Download and print the image. You should be able to print this without altering… but individual software and printers sometimes like to pose challenges. I didn’t have card stock on hand and I refused to make life and fun hard and settled for the printer paper at home. Card stock would have been nice, but wasn’t a deal-breaker. Getting in the car and driving would have been the deal breaker.

-Insert a graham cracker (broken in half), one half of a Hershey’s bar, one heart-shaped marshmallow (here’s fun Peeps hearts!) in to a sandwich bag (I found cute heart baggies as luck would have it). Standard sandwich bags are 6″ x 6″. I found these cute bags on Amazon. They are 6″ x 4″ and work great too!

S'more Classroom Valentines, Please. (Free Valentine Printable!) via @jennyonthespot

-Close the bag.

-Fold the print in half and staple.

-Be sure to have child sign and write the name of classmate BEFORE attaching to bag.

S'more Classroom Valentines, Please. (Free Valentine Printable!) via @jennyonthespot

And deliver!

Ornery Valenetine

Of course we had extras. So I made our own Valentine s’mores. Broil on high for a minute or two or bake at 500 for a minute or two. But watch closely.

Marshmallows are highly flammable. I may or may not be speaking from first-hand experience.

S'more Classroom Valentines, Please. (Free Valentine Printable!) via @jennyonthespot

OK guys… Have fun! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Free Classroom Valentine Printable feat, S'mores! via @jennyonthespot

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