Simple Doily Valentine Garland (Video!)

Hey guys! Let’s make a garland! Let’s make a…

Simple Heart Doily Valentine Garland!

This here is Valentine garland made of big heart doilies and twine! When did simplicity become so charming???

How to make a simple, heart doily Valentine garland! via jennyonthespot.com
All you need are some doilies (I got my pack of 12 for $1.88 plus tax). I already had the twine at home…

How to make a simple, heart doily Valentine garland! via jennyonthespot.com
OK. SO here’s how you do it!!!

It’s just like sewing except not crazy-making sewing. Just weave the twine into your chosen doily holes and before you know it you have the most charming doily valentine garland!

It’s easier than cracking an egg!

Ish. If you crack eggs like I do, it’s easier than cracking an egg…

How to make a simple, heart doily Valentine garland! via jennyonthespot.com
I like it hanging along my window in the kitchen. I love how the Pacific NorthWET cloudshine lights it up.

I suppose you could use fishing wire instead of twine… then it would be invisible and the hearts would look like they were floating…. OOOH GHOST HEART DOILIES!

How to make a simple, heart doily Valentine garland! via jennyonthespot.com
Okie dokie. It’s your turn, friends! Add a little visual love to your windows or walls… with ease and inexpensivity.

I just made up a word.


I am so creative!

This is one of many in my Take It On Tuesday Series. Not familiar? Curious? Click here to experience more of my takings ons… from just being to deep-friend Twinkies… not even I know what is next!

It’s because I am not terribly plannery. And also video takes a special kind-of effort.

As does taking things on…

All that to say…. If you have any Take It On Tuesday ideas, I’m listening! And/or if you have any cool Valentine projects you are sprucing up your home with, I’d love to see what you’re doing!

I’d also love to see what you are pinning! I am jennyonthespot on Pinterest. Have you been drinking the Pinterest Koolaid? Are we connected there? If not, follow me, I’ll follow you… be sure to leave your Pinterest name in the comments!

Would you like few other Valentine-themed ideas? Here ya go:

But I digress.

*Originally published Jan. 29, 2013*

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13 Responses to “Simple Doily Valentine Garland (Video!)”

  1. Amiyrah says:

    That’s really cute! I think it’s silly to decorate for Valentine’s Day too but i’d hang those over our patio door for a few weeks.

  2. Lisa H says:

    That made me laugh! Very cute! Love the doily garland idea, too.

  3. Anna says:

    This is such a great idea and so easy!! It can even work for Christmas by changing the colors and shapes of the doilies (some metallic gold or silver paint?)
    Love the video, by the way, hilarious!! Thanks for the laughs and idea!!

    • YES! Totally interchangeable. I actually wanted to do something similar for Christmas, but there was already plenty to do then! I wonder if there are tulip doilies for Spring?!!! Doilies everywhere!!! And thank you… love to be part of laughter 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    Tres cute Jenny, Tres cute (that’s very cute in French, in case you didn’t know)…. BTW, That is soooo cute it IS ridiculous!! 😉

  5. Lu says:

    I like doilies. They make me happy. Especially when cake is sitting on top of them.

  6. Lisa says:

    Totes doin this. Thanks woman! I always decorate for Valentine’s Day. Something I embraced when the kids were in preschool and they still love to do this!

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  8. Jo says:

    Super cute, Jenny! I don’t have the wnwegy to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I am lucky to get out of bed and shower these days. But your doilies are adorbs! Happy Valentine’s Day!! xo

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