Valentine Drink: The Sparkling Valentini

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Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day a big deal to some. Not a big deal to others.

And others blame commercialism, grumble, and ignore the day altogether.

I approach Valentine’s Day with a healthy dose of, “OOOOH HEARTS!” and “CRAP. I GOTTA THINK OF SOMETHING.”

I like the idea of it… of doing sweet things for people I love. To be honest, I like the holiday much better now that I am married. I wasn’t the most dated girl in the world so Valentine’s Day back in *the day* was a bit of a downer.

I think I just digressed. I will not burden you with the reminisce-ings of my youth. My happy, but rather undated youth.

*record scratch*

The following recipe is for the 21 and over set. It’s a Valentine drink you can enjoy with your sweetheart!

Or if you don’t have a sweetheart – IT’S OK! YOU DON’T NEED NO STINKING SWEETHEART.

You just need whiskey or champagne and San Pellegrino’s Sparkling Blood Orange soda.

And maraschino cherries.

But I recommend Luxardo cherries (aff link).

I cannot stress the cherries enough.

This drink is easy… so if you are pressed for time but want to do something a little special… this is your ticket to Easy Town.

Imma be honest. This drink was not born of a Valentine heart. It was born of “HEY! SPARKLING WINE!”

Actually, one day I was at the store and I bought a 6 pack of San Pellegrino Blood Orange beverage.


Whatever. Because… I don’t know why I bought it. I just thought the cans looked pretty.

San Pellegrino Blood Orange soda

(San Pellgrino is not sponsoring this post. This was borne of pure-unsolicited genius.)

Friends… one thing lead to another and eventually the Blood Orange soda was introduced to thesparkling wine/champagne and…


Not literally fireworks, tho.

Because fireworks in your mouth would actually be bad.


When you bring together sparkling wine and San Pellegrino’s Sparkling Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange) soda (and a maraschino cherry) on Valentine’s Day you get a…

Sparkling Valentini!

 The Sparkling Valentini via @jennyonthespot

It’s simple. Just fill half your champagne glass with your favorite sparkling wine or champagne. You know I’m a fool for sparkly things…

sparkling wine

Then fill the remaining half with San Pellegrino Blood Orange soda… and don’t forget the cherry!

The Sparkling Valentini via @jennyonthespot

If you try this, you have to come back and tell me what you think!

Now. Whiskey.

You’ll have to click here to go to the separate post for the Whiskey Me Away.


Whiskey Me Away via @jennyonthespot

– – – – – – –
And here are a few pictures of my Valentine-y poms I made and intended to do a tutorial but didn’t because, um… LIFE.

Valentine poms via @jennyonthespot

Oh life.

Valentine poms via @jennyonthespot

But it’s been sweet having colorful poms dangling and cheering up gray days… Valentine poms via @jennyonthespot

*Originally shared February 2014

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