Reindeers. Ew. And a bit about girls.

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Last week.

Last week?


Last week.

I chaperoned a trip to the zoo…

This me and my shoe (CONVERSE!) on the bus…

my cons on the bus

The kindergarteners went with their 4th grade buddies. I have such a cute pic of my Lucy with her buddy, but I don’t know the mother of the buddy to ask for permission to use her likeness… so I can’t make you jealous of how adorable my daughter is with her buddy.

But I can post of pic of them in THEIR Cons on the bus!

con buddies on the bus


I know. I know. It’s blurry. Bad Jenny. I just spoke at Bloggy Boot Camp Seattle and told everybody it was better to NOT post a picture than to post a blurry one, but I think we can all agree there are exceptions and I am making an exception. The reason? BECAUSE. And also also – KIDS IN CONS overrrides the Rule of Blurry.

An aside, Lucy, after working with this 4th grade girl off and on throughout the year… She still does not know her buddy’s name. Poor thing. She’s just like her mother… Cute. But not the glittiest piece of glitter in the art box.


We saw reindeer.


We were NOT impressed…

being not imporessed

I gagged.

I am not kidding.

Nasty reindeer.

Last year I went with my son’s class to their zoo field trip. He was in 4th… on that trip I had 2 4th grade boys and 1 kindergarten boy (one boy was sick – boo)… Or not “boo”. This trip with 4 girls was MUCH different than with those 3 boys. I wish I had found this box last year:

wild animal trap

I prolly mighta been able to put it to good use.

I could have ended this post with that last line, but then I couldn’t show you this last picture…

little girls

6 year old girls… We never really grow up, do we…

girls not growing up

Left to right: Moi, Tammy, Tina & Kristin (photo cred to Kristin!)

I love being a girl.


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