Our Day in Seattle: The Seattle Great Wheel & The Gum wall

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We live pretty close to Seattle.

So close, lots of folks commute there for work. Including my husband. But it’s far enough that a family of 5 can’t hop on over unless they want to make at least a half-day of it.

So, one might say we made a HALF day of it recently. We hopped on the 2:55 to Seattle one Sunday afternoon, walked a few “blocks” and rode the Seattle Great Wheel!

The line wasn’t too long, especially since we stopped by the candy store (and a COFFEE SHOP) before we got into line. Isn’t it amazing how coffee and candy can help kill time in the most AMAZING way?

Also, Lucy is really proud of her candy…

After we didn’t die on the The Seattle Great Wheel and experimented with the in-gondola acoustics (um, we can be an awful-sounding AND LOUD family), we hiked up some stairs and visited the Gum Wall.

The Gum Wall in Seattle
Disgusting, but oddly beautiful…

I confess… I have lived here for 15 years and this was MY FIRST TIME TO SEE THE GUM WALL.

The kids contributed their own chewed gum to the wall, but we also left our mark in another way… we left googly eyes…

Googly eyes on the Gum Wall in Seattle
And yes, that looks like cigarette ashes on Googley-Eyed-Gum-Man’s nose.

Of course a trip to the Gum Wall would pique ANY persons’s appetite… *ahem* … So we headed back to the waterfront for some fish and chips…

dinner at Elliot Bay
After our bellies were filled, and arteries acceptably clogged… we hopped back on the ferry during sunset.

Sunset on the ferry. Puget Sound

Sunshine. Time to escape. Family… Can’t get a much better day than that.


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