My Children… My Madness, My Joy

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I was feeling quite “down” last week. It was noticeable, especially to my children because THERE WAS NERRY A MOMENT WE HAD AWAY FROM EACH OTHER.

My Children… My Madness, My Joy

My son wanted to cheer me up. So while driving in the car, to the gym.. so I could get my angries out, in a healthy way, my son piped-up,”Hey Mom!”

I could PHYSICALLY feel his little mental light-bulb turn on.

“I know! Listen to this!” And in an instant he went from my ten-year-old Joel to an age-ed Hispanic character from Nacho Libre and he said,

I have had diarrhea since Easters.

Some parents read novels to their children. We Some let our their kids watch Nacho Libre. I suppose while some parents feel children should be exposed to much literature, we feel our children should be well-grounded in comedy.

Ah. My children.

We live a crazy life. They are my heart. My joy. My delight.

They are the source of my greatest laughter, but also my madness and my mania.

On the same day Olivia made me laugh… 

“Mom? Do you believe in fairies?”

Because I am quick witted *snort*, with a laissez faire-type shrug I replied, “Honey. I believe in anything that sparkles.”

And Olivia got that laugh. THAT laugh. You know… the hard-core tickle-laugh, but without the tickle. Then she snorted.

I love her sense of humor. For a 7-year-old girl, it’s pretty advanced. Some kids read at advanced levels, my kids humor at advanced levels. Priorities. We all have our priorities.

Sometimes the best way to make oneself laugh… is to make another laugh. Ya know?

My lesson lately is the lesson of highs and lows. We could not truly appreciate the “highs” without the “lows”… *sigh* these random and unexpected sparks from my kids. While it (motherhood) has been a struggle, it really is my joy.


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