Make We Laugh Monday: How Did They Get To Here?

by | Aug 30, 2010 | Ridiculous, Social Media & Tech | 3 comments

searchingIt has been awhile since I checked out the keyword phrases that are sending searchers over to Jenny On the Spot.


I am always a little surprised. Always a little disturbed. And always entertained by the creative long string searches that land folks on the doorstep of Jenny On the Spot.

It makes me think about the words I use. What sort of people am I driving to my site when they find JOtS via searches like — feels like little balls in my butt… Makes a girl think twice. And maybe gag a little.

People looking for tampon crafts have stopped by. In keeping with the theme there have also been visitors looking for advice on how to not get embarrassed buying tampons or how to make a tampon flute or wanting to know… do old people buy tampons?

Clearly, I have become a resource. A valuable resource. They have come looking for:, “cute jenny” braces, blogger person, cues of diarrhea, a list of words that make people uncomfortable, how to make sure i don’t miss my baby growing up, and wonder — is it hard to be a blogger.

To answer that last question… it depends. If you look at your keyword searches, you may need a strong stomach. Believe me when I tell you, I am very selective in what searches I share here.

My searchers are as diverse as me. From looking for info on “ninja painter” to if it is bad to hold in vomit to sausage and pop tarts to “hands attached to my shoulders” to jenny poo poo in pants … I am speechless.

Some make perfect sense! Like, cooking video seriesjust started that! And i want to bling it – of course! I do too! Especially my alter-ego!

And then there are keyword searches that inspire. This one — because of you facebook has inspired me to write a poem.

Because of YOU… Facebook

Because of you, Facebook…

Because of you!

I have connected with friends of old,

and also friends of new.

Oh You, My Facebook profile…

You are my heart, my home.

My  precious Facebook news feed

Real-time proof I am not alone.

Facebook, oh Facebook!

You fun, fun place to be!

Facebook, oh Facebook!



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