Like shooting stars going to their syrup castle…

by | Feb 15, 2011 | Lucy, Parenting/Family, The Love | 6 comments

I made heart waffles for the kids for their Valentine morning breakfast.

heart waffles

I realized, too late, that we were uncomfortably low on syrup. In an effort to make it stretch… I let the kids dip their waffle hearts into little bowls of syrup. And use their fingers.

Uh-huh, “fun mom” here.

My Lucy… my little sunshine and tornado all wrapped up into one. She looked at the waffle-dipping aftermath. I saw aftermath, but she saw something very different.

Oh! They are like shooting stars going to their seeewup castle!

shooting stars & syrup castleYou know what? She is absolutely right.

It’s all about perspective, no? I wish they sold Lucy-colored lenses. Since they don’t, I feel pretty lucky to have her by my side… to help me see life from where she sits. Or bounces. Or dances. Or hops. Or runs. Or spins. Or trips…

My Valentine


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