I’m Pregnant

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On Monday, July 19th I was at the pinnacle of frustration with my expanding waistline. I had mostly recovered from my lenient diet from camping and the 4th of July, but my shorts were all feeling miserably tight around the waist! That afternoon, I did 200 crunches with the vow to continue daily until I solved the problem. On Tuesday, while at Target, I bought a test.

I’m pregnant.

Hmmm… fast forward to 4:45 a.m. Wednesday morning. The pink line popped-up pretty quick. “Stranger!!!” The first thought that entered my head. “Oh no!\” Is the second. How did this happen? I know, I know, but. . . huh??? How could a little person be growing in my body and I not know it? No prenatals, a few drinks over the Independence Day weekend AND during my grandma’s visit. . . oh my goodness. . . How would I tell my husband?!

After my workout Wednesday morning, I went to the local bakery and bought 3 yellow smiley-face cookies. One to represent each child. Joel, Olivia and I brought them to my husband in bed on a tray with a white chocolate mocha and a maple bar. I said, “I bought one cookie for each of our kids.” He took it as I meant HE was one of the kids. I repeated, with emphasis, and more anxiety — “I bought one cookie for EACH OF OUR KIDS.\”

My precious husband. . . He looked very confused, dismayed. . . He said, “Are you saying we’re pregnant??!”

I stumbled with my words. I started crying. I was shaking. At times before, we had only talked about the possibility — not the probability! I turned to get the proof.

Upon receipt of the test, he just giggled and smiled a mile wide. It\’s all a blur, but I know he said,”This is great!”

Fast forward to today. I found out on August 2nd that I am 10 weeks along. We saw the heartbeat:) Joel knows now, and is super-excited. He talks about getting clothes for the baby, and he has rubbed my feet and my back when I’ve felt sick. He has come up with some name ideas: Anempo, Likiliki, George, and Macy. We’re telling him we will keep those in mind (Macy is pretty cute!) He finally understands that he will only get one baby — he can’t have a new brother AND sister. He recently told me he wants a girl so we can have 2 girls, and 1 boy. Joel said, “Then I can be the big brother of the whole earth!”

I have been so tired and pretty nauseous. This proves to be a challenge with two feisty preschoolers, and a husband with big work deadlines this summer.

Despite the difficulties and total surprise, I feel blessed and fortunate that this has happened — that this CAN happen to me. 

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