I Want to Walk on The Clouds!

by | Feb 9, 2011 | Family & Friends, Lucy, Olivia | 3 comments

I remember when I was a little girl. I DREAMED of being able to dance on the clouds.

To prance and swoosh and spin in the light clouds.

It never occurred to me that were I to step out of a plane onto a fat, white cloud… I would fall to a certain death.

My Lucy.

As were were driving to school, we drove into a wall of fog.

Her 5 year-old self burst with excitement, “I want to walk on clouds, Mama!”

Her older sister brought reason, “You can’t walk on clouds, Lucy.”

Lucy, being the blossoming lawyer that she is counters, “Well. How come PETER PAN can?!”

Olivia says dryly, “Because that’s a fairy tale.”

Lucy, “Oh.”

She wants to walk on clouds

I didn’t have an older sister to dispel myths for me. This may or may not have worked to my advantage. I was the dream-squasher for my younger sister.

What’s YOUR birth order? Do you think this has affected your development?



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