Who's A Firework?

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fireworkI started blogging in 2004.

That almost makes me a “grandmother” in this family of blogging. A really YOUNG granny *ahemhem*

However, I have wandered… Business? Pleasure? Hobby? Addiction?

There are women (OK, me too, sheesh!) who have been blogging just a year or two, and I feel sheepish. The fruit of my nearly 7 years equals their 2.

But whatevs. It’s not a competition. We all journey to our places, no?

It’s been all part of my path… my shaping… As a woman, a mother, a wife, a storyteller, a comedienne, a creative, an attention whore, a professional… a videographer? Yes. and a videographer. There. I wrote it.

I remember the “dark ages” where I would weigh heavily whether I’d mention I have a blog… Shame and fear begging me to keep my secret.

So much judgment. So much ignorance.

But I pressed on… I kept writing… because I KNEW.




There was *something”.

Worth my time. My talent. My focus. My energy. My heart.

And when I see videos like the following, I am empowered. I am validated. For standing fast in the face of odd looks, blatant rude judgment… and plain ‘ol confusion.

Shown at the awesome Blissdom Conference 2011

Today I reflect on the “old” days. When I felt like hiding, or simply not admitting.

Today I just share it and kinda feel sorry for those people who feel contrary, ambiguous even.

I feel sorry for them kinda like the way I feel sorry for dead bunnies on the side of the road. They ain’t goin’ nowheres.

After I went to my first conference (BlogHer – WOO!) in 2008 — I had at long last found a place in which I felt normal. Inspired. Encouraged. It was like Miracle Gro for my blogging soul.

Oh, but the blogging is only a mere piece of the puzzle anymore…

Watching that video… I feel a lot like Christopher Columbus… Or more accurately like part of a team of Christopher Columbii – explorers… navigators… pioneers of the unknown and also known. Finding new worlds and such.

And… finally, I am proud. Of Here. Of the relationship that has grown with You. Of persevering… When I watched that video, it was one of those times… It hit me… Yes. That IS me.

It’s us.

Baby, we are fireworks.

Bravo, friends.. {BRAVO}

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