What to Wear Wednesday: Fabulous Shoes


It’s Thursday.

Oh well.

It’s Wednesday somewhere. Or it will be. Next week.


To be specific… FABULOUS SHOES.

I met a woman recently… who happened to be wearing a most fabulous pair of shoes.

Bring summa that over here shoesThis woman told me her shoe philosophy,

Start with the shoes and work your way up.

I love her.

Isn’t it amazing what fabulous shoes do to a girl? If they are gorgeous and comfortable, like ecco shoes, then that’s just a bonus! I wanted to be that woman’s best friend. I wanted to sit by that woman and make her laugh… I wanted her to like me. I wanted to chop off her legs and steal her shoes. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…


In defense of myself, in case you are judging me for my shoe-lust or blatant materialism… I am no Imelda Marcos, but mostly due to financial reasons… not because I am above or necessarily opposed to such things. Although you could give me something like a pair of Vessi waterproof sneakers and I would be happy!

My signature shoe:

My sparkly Converse

My grocery shopping shoes:

My bad girls*kidding*


sweet but a little sassyAnd don’t forget the boots…


  • I have a shoe board that needs some development on Pinterest
  • I am cukoo for these Betsey Johnson Confetti heels
  • I own THESE, but I also walk like I’ve been hit by a truck after wearing them for about 17 minutes. *Sidebar… are sexy shoes sexy if while wearing they make one look like one is walking with one foot on the curb and the other off?
  • And just now, I spent 20 minutes on Modcloth… looking at THEIR shoes. Like crack. For the eyes. And also the wallet.

I think crack addicts and shoe addicts have a lot in common… the whole “addiction” thing, and also both addictions can be pretty spendy.

You know what? If I hit rock bottom, I think it’d be better to get there because of shoes than because of crack… Besides, a shoe addict looks WAY cuter than a crack addict.

You’re nodding…


So tell me, if you hit rock bottom due to fashion, what would it be for you? Shoes? Scarves? Necklaces? Flower pins? ETSY???


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8 Responses to “What to Wear Wednesday: Fabulous Shoes”

  1. Amiyrah says:

    Definitely shoes! Not counting my flip flops, I have about 30+ pair of shoes. I’m a frugal blogger, so this really is a true vice for me, but I don’t care. I love my shoes, man!

  2. Angella says:

    Love love love shoes! I suck at walking in heels… and my back and knees don’t like heels… so I’ve definitely cut back. Still can’t help myself with the odd wedge heel. And I’m learning the art of a really cute ballet slipper!

    You need to check out http://www.beyondtherack.com – they regularly have amazing shoes… from basics to full on extreme (hello Prada and Louboutin)… and the prices are always discounted. Although I still can’t afford the Louboutins… I love to look at them and dream!

  3. Jen says:

    Shoes are like crack to me. I can’t get enough.

  4. BrassyDel says:

    Oh my goodness – those Betsey Johnson shoes! I looked at the shoes, and I thought “Oh HELL yes, Momma J.” Then I looked at the price and my jaw hit the keyboard.

    No confetti sparkle shoes for MOI. Of course, they don’t come in my size anyway. Why is that they assume women with money to spend on shoes don’t have wide feet or half-sized feet? SILLY. And I can’t imagine someone spending that much on a pair of shoes and not getting a pair that really, trully FITS them, but I guess sometimes women just really embrace that fashion and beauty have to be painful

  5. Michelle W says:

    Bags! All kinds… not cute purses, though. I have a tote bag/backpack problem. I like to make them too. You could never have to many bags, right?? Heh heh *shaking* heh.

  6. Well, they are made for walkin’ but they are hot. I am such a shoe girl. In fact, I have started to feel the shoes are taking over. Hence I am pairing down (get it!) and just listed 6 prs on ebay. It’s all part of a Tim Gunn challenge. I’m even letting go of a pair of Choos.


  7. Meredith Chernick says:

    Life is short, wear fab shoes!
    Jenny- I think you are going to need to see the rest of my shoe collection.

  8. […] I’m channeling Jenny On The Spot right now so that I can bring you What to Wear Wednesday. In fact, Jenny even talked about shoes already here. […]

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