What To Wear: Tech Toys Need Accessorizing Too!

by | Jan 5, 2011 | Style | 2 comments

I recently secured an iPad. I am the proud owner of an iPhone (iPrecious, name cred to Kearsie). I also have my own iLaptop.




Just as I appreciate a delightful necklacescarf upon scarf upon scarf… or a spritz of glitter spray… I have fast-become a fan of the notion that my tech toys tools can also benefit from some accessorizationingeringing.

I am having trouble deciding. Maybe you can help! If le iPad should be tucked away in this darling cover,

iPad cover

stowed in here,

iPad case


Etch-a-Sketch iPad cover

http://www.getaheadcase.com/ipad.html >#BAM!

Then there is my iLaptop… What do you get when you cross a MacBook and The Giving Tree?

And a moment in digression… One thing is certain, I WON’T be wearing this with anyone. Ever.

However, if Kate Spade asked me to, I’d think about it. Speaking of Kate… iPrecious will be wearing this very soon,

iphone hard case

but… dream of all dreams… couldn’t you just imagine if I could stow iPrecious in this?!

Kate Spade PurseJust some stuff to lust over consider.


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