Project We

My daughter Olivia and I are taking on a little project in 2011.

Project We

mother and daughter

She has been bitten by the blogging bug, and… well… I think that is just stinkin’ awesome.

I also have seen it as a great opportunity to share an interest with my will-not-forever-be-8-years-old daughter. She’s blooming. She’s open. I want to take hold…

Over the last week, we settled on a little title for our project – Project We… because we will be doing this together. We have created an editorial calendar for all 52 weeks of 2011. Want a peek?

Jan 3-8: new
Jan 10-15: smiles
Jan 17-22: Winter
Jan 24-29: sweet
Jan 31- Feb 4: yellow
Feb 7-12: blue
Feb 14-19: red
Feb: 21-26: green
Feb 28 – Mar 4: music
Mar 7-12: kindness
Mar 14-19: waiting
Mar 21-26: food
Mar 28 – Apr 1: bubbles
Apr 4-9: circles
Apr 11- 16: stripes
Apr 18-23: squares
Apr 25-30: lines
May 2-7: spring
May 9-14: laughter
May 16- 21: accessorize
May 23-27: flowers
May 30 – June 4: children
June 6-11: grown-ups
June 13-18: animals
June 20-25: dancing
June 27- July 2: birthdays
July 4-9: independence
July 11-16: summer
July 18-23: floating
July 25-30: beach
August 1-6: sunshine
Aug 8-13: weeds
Aug 15-20: camping
Aug 22-27: barefoot
Aug 29 – Sept 3: back to school
Sept 5-10: hands
Sept 12-17: eyes
Sept 19-24: mouth
Sept 26 – Oct 1: toes & feet
Oct 3-8: autumn
Oct 10-15: together
Oct 17-22: favorite things
Oct 24-29: letters and words
Oct 31- Nov 5: costumes
Nov 7-12: cooking
Nov 14-19: leaves
Nov 21-26: story telling
Nov 28 – Dec 3: create
Dec 5-10: bright
Dec 12-17: love
Dec 19-24: giving
Dec 26-31: family

If anyone wants to join in… a badge is coming. I encourage finding a partner. It is called Project We, afterall…

Having weekly themes will help us BOTH with focus. We will write or draw or take pictures . Our filter? Goodness, beauty, bright spots, fun… A positive focus. Our intent is to each post 3 times a week on our own blogs, and link to each other’s most recent Project We post. We will both take a Sunday break.

This is a bit of a 365 project, with a twist. I did a 365 in 2008. It was great, but it was stressful to post every day. I want to help Olivia foster a love of creating. For her eyes to be opened to all the stories that are happening all around us. I want her not to feel like she must post, but I also know the more you do, the more you explode with ideas.

To be honest, I don’t know if every week we will be able to pull off 3 posts each. I want to be optimistic, but I know the effort it could take. At least on this mama’s part.

During this time, Olivia will be learning… to upload pictures, to scan her creations, to keep her camera charged, to edit pictures, to share stories. There will be questions. I am pretty sure I have no idea what genius creativity she will come up with.

And I am afraid to post this because… what if in 2 weeks this project goes silent?

I know our life. It is filled. To the tippy-top.

And it is for that very reason why I hope we can journey in some form of this together. To forge a deeper bond. I want to understand her more. I want her knee-jerk reaction to be to talk – to me. To be comfortable sharing with me. I hope this time together will be a line in the sand in her development… still so young, but growing all-too fast.

More to come.

That is the intention.


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28 Responses to “Project We”

  1. MommaDJane says:

    Love it! I will share this post with my daughter, who currently blogs. We have been discussing our goals for the new year and blogging is on that list. I’m sure we’d love to take part. Awesome project!

  2. furiousball says:

    Awesome, awesome idea. Happy New Years to you and yours!

  3. I love this! And you have inspired me to see if my pre-teen daughter would like to blog regularly on my site. She is a writer, and I think it would be a great exercise for her!

    • Jenny Ingram says:

      Thanks Lolli! That is totaly what I thought. Livi has asked, “Mom, how do you think of stuff to write?” She wants to so bad, but she has a hard time starting. Hoping having topics will help with that 🙂

  4. Chantelle says:

    Oh my yay!!! I love this!! I’ve been pondering getting my 9 years old into blogging a bit… and this was just the inspiration I needed! Lord knows she could chat the ear off a buffalo, so it’s time to put that energy into written word! Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  5. kristin jag says:

    Great idea on themes. I helped Greta start one, but haven’t given her enough time with it. You are maybe the push I need.

  6. Andrea says:

    I love it–need to find a partner–maybe I’ll make Christy B finally start writing? Or maybe Stacey wants to do it with me? Hmmmm…who else can you think of????

    You’re a good mom!!!

  7. I love it!!!! But Maddie isn’t old enough to blog (I don’t need my own personal version of “Bedtimes are for Suckers). I’ll have to find a partner, too!!!
    Once I figure out why WordPress doesn’t like me today. :0(

  8. Michelle W. says:

    OOOOH I love this idea! I am going to see if my 11 year old would like to start her own blog and do this with me.

    Nice start to the New year!

  9. Elizabeth_N says:

    Count me and my 7 year old in. We blog and we would love to do this….however we will omit any of the girly stuff……like polka dots (re:bubbles) evidently that is to girly. sigh. NEED PINK IN MY LIFE

  10. Tink says:

    Uber great idea Miss Jenny! I have enjoyed doing a 365 twisted up a bit with my gal pals this past year. I got way behind due to my surgery but pulled it out in the end. Oh and jsyk I am inclined to buy me some lottery tickets in hopes of winning big and taking myself to the Grand Ole Opry-congrats on what looks like a fun gig.

  11. What a GREAT idea, I love it and can’t wait to see the posts from you and Olivia. Being the mom to two beautiful little girls this is something I hope I can do with them as they get a little older.

  12. Mikki says:

    I just recently found your blog and LOVE this idea!!
    I’m hoping I will be able to join and keep up!!

    Looking forward to following along.

  13. LOVE this idea, Jenny. I will definitely follow along. And I hope to get my daughter involved. She’s 9, and I think she’d totally love this.

  14. MommaDJane says:

    Okay T officially loves the idea. I went through our wall calendar for 2011 and wrote the theme topics for each week on Monday. So you are stuck now, girl. We are in this for 52 weeks! Surely we can at least pull off one post on topic each week. Surely….?

  15. Wendy says:

    alrighty lady (with the budding country singer career?? or look, at least?), i will try and get the kid on the bandwagon with this idea, but yeah, maybe once a week will be our goal so’s we’re not too delinquent… thanks for the weekly themes! that will help bunches!

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