What do you mean by SUBSCRIBE? Do you have a magazine?

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If you are a blogger, or if you know what RSS or “embed” means, then this post is not for you.

This post is for the friends and acquaintances when after I say words like “subscribe” or “URL”  they look at me like I’m talking from my second head.

Since I only have one head, this is a problem.

I would like to take a few minutes blog post to touch on some of the terminology that I take for granted. I know there are many other posts out there written by supernova-tech people, but I’m gonna go on ahead and add to the information, real simple-like.

Let’s do this!

What is a URL? I am not kidding. I have been asked this more than once in no less than 2 weeks. Simply put… it is another was of saying, web address. You put the URL (web address) in your little browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc…) bar right up there at the top there:

urlHow about those cute little buttons below?


They are located on the upper right side of my site. You find them in different, yet similar styles across most websites. I think most folks get most of those, but lemme break it down just in case…

The orange guy is an RSS icon. Real Simple Syndication. Basically, if you click on that lil fella it will take you to a place to subscribe to my blog. Now, this does not help if you do not know what SUBSCRIBING to a blog means. Nor does it help if you do not use a reader.


*shifts butt cheeks and takes a deep breath*

A READER is a way to read any site that offers RSS. News sites, blogs… Google Reader, for example. Say you read… oh… Jenny On the Spot, for example. Jenny may not post something new everyday. Instead of going to JOtS everyday hoping for a new nugget of goodness, utilizing a reader will just tell you when there is something new. But you have to go to the reader. You have to go to the URL for the reader… *smiling*

But you want to know MY secret? I subscribe not via reader, but by email!

Wait Jenny, SUBSCRIBE???

This is not like a magazine subscription. No commitment to pay or whathaveyou… Say you want to get an email update for every post that… oh, say… Jenny On the Spot publishes… There’s a link for that (here) and many sites offer an email subscribe option. If they don’t, then I probably don’t read them regularly.

Simplified – subscribing by email means you get an email containting a post or posts without having to go to the site to see if there is anything new.

Back to the above picture:

That little t in the light blue – that’s for Twitter. If you click on the symbol in my sidebar, it will take you to mah Twitters.

That little f is the bright blue – that will take you to my Facebook like page (not my personal profile). I think most people get this one. By the way, do you like me? *bats lashes*

The one that says YouTube… IT’S FOR YOUTUBE. It goes to my channel.

The little blue button is for LinkedIn. I am not good with the LinkedIn, but it’s there… for linking in and such. LinkedIn is kinda like have an online resume.

Let’s see… what else…

Oh! EMBED! I will demonstrate this way…

This colored text right here means this is a link. It is a link to a video. On YouTube. My own, of course…

Now, below you are going to SEE a video… not a link:

What THAT means is I got some code that made the video be all embedded into this post.


It’s easy?


Did I explain anything wrong? I totes coulda. I am only a woman. But I am a woman…

… I am a woman who is learning how to manage time… I talk a little bit about that and share about an opportunity to win an iPad2 – but you must click over. You will be taken just to another spot right here on JOtS. I want to keep you all to myself. Let’s snuggle…

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