Were I Green, I'd Be A Girl Hulk

broke it

This is my friend’s car. And a detail which will be important in a few lines… she is also my personal trainer.

The handle is not on her car… because it is here:

broken handle

It is in my hand. Which is attached to my VERY strong arm.

Mostly due to the fact that my friend and trainer — is an ANIMAL and if she doesn’t kill you, she will make you stronger.

Case. In. Point.

I feel bad. She may be secretly wishing she’d have killed me. For she’d still have a fully-functioning door.

I mean, c’mon, folks! How many people can RIP A HANDLE off a car? *makes weightlifter grunt-like noise*

Apparently — people who are trained by Darcy are capable of ripping handles off of car doors!

Go functional training!


Murphy’s Law much?

Another possibility??? Perhaps it is also people she gives birth to. You see, the full story is — her 5 year old broke it first. I just had the honor of finishing the job.

It’s always a great time when you break your friend’s car. And in times like these I am thankful for the friends I have in my life — she immediately cracked-up and was all, “I know this is going to be blog post! Here, keep the handle… I KNOW you’re going to want a picture…”

I love that girl.


Did you know I got to chat with Ellen Pompeo? Do you want to know WHY? It’s for the babies…


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6 Responses to “Were I Green, I'd Be A Girl Hulk”

  1. Suquamish says:

    You are the Bestest Glittery Green female Hulk ever!

  2. LOL…
    Oh my…Maybe ducktape or superglue will work?

  3. Michelle W. says:

    Same thing happened to my Toyota. Is hers a Toyota minivan by any chance?
    They charged me $400.00 to fix it!!
    Not that I doubt your super-human strength, but I would totally blame the crappy design of the car if I were you:)

  4. Darcy says:

    Michelle-you paid way too much to have it fixed! We only paid $140.00 in Kingston. And yes, it is Toyota-but Jenny does pack a mean punch-I mean pull-especially if she is trying to open your car door to load her kids’ stuff in so they can sleep over at your house! haha!

  5. cali says:

    that is hilarious!! thanks for the giggles 🙂

  6. jenny says:

    It was just so… well, unexpected! It’s not everyday a girl rips a handle off a car! 🙂

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