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A lot.

My daughter and I.

The 8 year old.

She blogs.

Cuz she’s cool. I made her that way.

word girls

On Wednesday I went with her to a local Young Writers Workshop.

There are so many things awesome in that.

To watch her love for words and stories… To realize she has this innate passion for storytelling. Looking into her eyes as she looks up after reading one of her stories… how they sparkle… they scan mine for approval and excitement.

And imagine my pride… the pride for my child… the fruit of my loins… when she got up to share her story at the final workshop of the day. I won’t share it in any of it’s entirety here… I think that should be for her blog. The story I get to tell is the part where she was one of the last readers.

So we knew the sweet content the others had scribbled in pencil, crayon and marker.

And then Olivia proudly got in front of the group and shared her fictional story (she says she prefers fiction)… Of getting sick on Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

A story…

SO delightfully descriptive about


that went




Others wrote of clouds and puppies. My daughter?


And today, at her parent-teacher conference it was all good news. Great grades, great behavior… but I knew. I knew there HAD to be SOMETHING…

And there was.

Her writing. It’s not that she’s slow, it’s that she writes TOO much.

And I nodded.

I knew.

For I also struggled.

With the written word.

It’s art.

It’s form.

It’s boundless power to not move mountains… but to move my fingers across a keyboard.

To move pencils and pens.


to move the hearts of men.

My daughter feels this and tries to harness it as she writes…

about lumpy Cinnamon Toast Crunch-y barf and the way it slips down the drain.

*poetry snaps*


Speaking of something totally unrelated… ACCESSORIES. I’m asking what is your “must have” accessory. Bop right on over here to see who’s wearin’ what!


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