{VLOG} Put Jenny On the Spot: If you were a flower…

My friend @imalazymom nudged me on the Twitters:

@imalazymom puts Jenny on the spotNot to be one to leave a call-out unanswered… I delivered.

Seriously. If YOU were a flower… what would YOU be?

beautiful peonies

{le sigh} Love these.

[photo credit: ShelbyNycole]


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12 Responses to “{VLOG} Put Jenny On the Spot: If you were a flower…”

  1. Christy says:

    a dahlia…..so much!!!!

  2. The Lazy Mom says:

    A peony! I didn’t see that one coming, but good choice! I think I’d be a tulip. Cause their the first flowers you see when its spring! And I would want to bring people joy like that. You know, like I already do?

    I know for sure I would NOT be a Morning Glory. Cause I ain’t no glory in the morning.

  3. Love this series….bwahaha. (Only 2 so far..you can make at least 5 more Jenny…)
    Peonies are beautiful.
    Ahh yes.

  4. BrassyDel says:

    Hah! I have a peony story.
    I have peonies in my front yard, and my neighbor and I were chatting after a morning walk, and I hear her ask, totally straight faced,
    “Oh, what color panties, white or pink?”
    My jaw hit the pavement and a moment later I realized she asked what color my peonies were! Laughs were had, and now she snickers every time she passes my peony bush (which has since bloomed and they are white. White PEONIES).

  5. Hi there 😉 I’ve been here before but I haven’t left a comment I know shame on me ! You are so cute my friend and I always talk about you . Hope your ears were ringing … I put your button on my site & I agree 100% on the flower 😉 I have a bunch on my counter in a cute milk jug 😉 see you soon …

    Peace & love

  6. Tammy says:

    If I was a flower, I would want to be a tulip. Have always loved them.

    I did have a boyfriend once who almost made me hate them though. (He was a boyfriend who I wasn’t really into at the time.) He told me he brought me flowers. I thought “how nice.” He said I brought you my “two-lips!”

    Oh my…I am gagging thinking about that dork…lol!

    Okay…I am going to be thinking of a good “Put Jenny on the Spot question!”

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